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9. JAX-WS Servlets and Stateless Beans

Originally posted by Peer Reynders: Both are supported under JAX-WS SLSB example: The Java EE 5 Tutorial: A Web Service Example: helloservice Though the is something to be said for implementing the service as a POJO and then exposing it separately though a SLSB or Servlet-based WS endpoint (adapter). That way the EJB adapter can deal with "all things EJB" and ...

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Hello, I have a JSF application that access a stateless session bean exposing all the business logic interface ... Today, I receive a new requirement: log all operations requested to this bean with the user id, time and so on. I see two ways for doing that: 1 - I pollute the session bean interface by adding the user id parameter ...

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18. ClassCastException While executing Stateless Session Bean

Hi Am new to EJB and executing the sample stateless session bean example through servlet. But I am getting java.lang.ClassCastException I am using Jboss 5.0.1 Application server with JDK 1.6 My servlet code. package com.its.actions; import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; import*; import javax.naming.*; import javax.rmi.PortableRemoteObject; import day05.SignOnHome; import day05.SignOn; public class SignOnServlet extends HttpServlet { SignOnHome signOnHome=null; SignOn signOn=null; public void ...

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23. Stateless session bean in onMessage() of MDB

Within the onMessage() of the MDB there are 2 stateless session beans which are called. These session beans are never removed from the memory even after the onMessage() has finished execution. Each new call to onMessage() cause a new stateless session bean to be created. Eventually the server crashes as it runs out of memory. I am using ejb3 and jboss. ...

24. Newbie stateful vs stateless session bean question

I wrote my first session EJB's from scratch yesterday and deployed them on glassfish. However, they act exactly opposite of what I thought would happen. Here is the scenario: I have 2 beans StatefulCounter and StatelessCounter, they have the exact same code except for the name. Here are the relevant bits: private int count = 0; public void increment() { count ...

25. Stateless Session Bean -> MDB (Thread)

From a Session EJB method, you can sequentially place two messages on two message ques. The two Message-Driven EJB that are connected to these message ques will process the message on their message que in their own thread. Whatever logic that happens from each Message-Driven EJB will occur concurrently. Keep in mind that you should not code business logic in the ...

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27. Stateless beans - still hazy about caching

I have a ServletContextListener where I do a lookup and store it in an attribute, as per below: // EJB 3 public void contextInitialized(ServletContextEvent event) { ServletContext sc = event.getServletContext(); CategoryBeanLocal local = null; try { InitialContext initial = new InitialContext(); local = (CategoryBeanLocal) initial.lookup("java:comp/env/ejb/CategoryBean"); } catch (Exception e) { logger.error(e.getCause()); } // "cache" the bean in the attribute for use ...

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hello everyone.....!!! regarding stateless and stateful beans i have 2 questions... 1) do we have to make the beans stateless explicitly ? i mean to say k if i have one variable i in my stateless bean, to make it stateless i have to write code manually ? and for 2nd question i am posting my code here in every bean ...

37. [EJB3] Stateless Session Bean & Inheritance

Hi, you can safely remove the Stateless annotation in the abstract class. Inheritance will provide you with the functionality of the parent class but it doesn't need to be an EJB. For the parent interface you can remove Local annotation too. Think that the the abstract base service can not be a working component by their own.