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I'm really confused in the following two lines of Head First servlets & JSP book of page no. 349:

  1. The is a way of declaring and initializing the actual bean object ...

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How do I escape character like '&' in struts tags. For example we can mention.

<a href="./testaction.do?testmethod=bookResult&bookTitle=<bean:write name="booklist" property="title"/>" class="nLink"><bean:write name="booklist" property="title"/></a></small>
I'm iteration over a book list array (booklist) and setting ...

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Hi, I have a portlet in which I want to use a javabean by using tag. This works fine but I have a problem when I try to namespace it. First off... Do I need to namespace it or will the portal session ensure it's unique? I get an error ...

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Hi every body I want to ask 2 questions 1-----If we have following lines in a JSP file Is in 2nd tag new bean created?Please give some discription if convineant .What happen if scope attribute's value in both places are interchanged? 2-----It has been written in every book that if there is a ...

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The tag assumes the bean is a 'proper' bean in the sense that it assumes the bean has a no-arg constructor. If you are using the bean as a model in an MVC-type application, there is probably no need for any constructor arguments, just use setter methods to set properties. But if you need to construct an object with a ...

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I have one quite big CommandBean that I use in the JSPs to fill out values on the screen with USEBEAN and "

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the fact that you ask this question suggests that you dont know what each of those technologies does. I suggest you find out more but here is a quick summary: custom tags are used within JSPs only and just enable you to get rid of jsp scripts in your code. EJBs are Heavyweight business components. they can be used to model ...

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Hi Everybody... I'm having weblogic server installed in my system. I'm trying to run but it is giving me error while running my jsp.. Error is --- Cannot resolve symbol. Is this problem due to ..that my server is not configured or some other problem. I had placed my class file in [classes] folder under [WEB-INF] folder. My jsp file ...

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Custom Tags are more advanced and flexible than standard jsp tags, such as Custom tag libraries make it possible to create business logic that is almost completely hidden from the presentation layer. Beans, however, can also make for a cleaner, less cluttered JSP page. For example, a bean's properties can be automatically set by parameter values from a client ...

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Originally posted by Ben Souther: In all cases where it didn't work, your type wasn't fully qualified. But if you refer to second findings above. Then in that case I dont have fully qualified type but still it worked. My second question is ultimately jsp is converted to servlets and in that case if you look at the code of generated ...

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I am new to jsp programming. I have this code trying to access a variable from a javabean class: Welcome but seem to get this error when i run it on tomcat: The class value for "com.mybean.login.LoginBean" is invalid. i dont know if i have to configure ...

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I am experimenting with Tomcat 5.0.12/Java 1.4.2_12. The exercise was to generate multiple unique random "lucky numbers." Using a bean everything worked fine. I get unique random numbers from the bean, but not from the custom tag. It is simple code - here is the bean code: package com.lwk; import java.util.*; public class LuckyNumberBean implements java.io.Serializable { private Random rnd = ...

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I have created the following .html and .jsp files, but i am not able to run the jsp file: HTML file: ---------- This html program calls the jsp file.

What's ur name?
What's ur age?
What's ur email address?

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I'm trying to extend from a class and use a JavaBean in the same JSP. When doing this I get an error indicating "the method getClassLoader... is not defined". This even happens when I import the package containing getClassLoader. This error occurs in the JSP at the jsp:useBean line. I'm assumming it is OK to extend a class and use JavaBeans ...

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The best and most modern way is for that POJO to stop generating HTML. Instead it should return the list as a List, via a name suitable for a JavaBean such as getPilots. Then you can use JSTL to iterate through the list and display it in whatever way you choose. That way the JSP is in charge of the view ...

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