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1. why taglib when usebean is there?    coderanch.com

In general: 1. beans tend to be used for simple functions while taglibs can be quite complex. 2. taglibs are convenient for packaging and distributing a number of related functions as a jar. 3. the taglib base classes have a number of useful functions already well debugged, making it easier to create your own taglibs, as opposed to beans where you ...

2. Rule of Thumb: TagLib vs Bean    coderanch.com

I put a lot of work into this topic for my book and luckily (depending how you see it!), that chapter that talks about all of this is available to download from here. To summarise - beans for data, tags for actions. Of course, the chapter goes into much more detail than this, explaining the reasoning behind this rule of thumb ...

3. Taglibs and Java Beans    coderanch.com

4. JSP TagLib and Servlets or Beans??    coderanch.com