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1. How to get value from struts bean?

I am new to struts. I'm just trying to build a simple application that gets the input from the user and display it. For which I got the input from the ...

2. Struts 1 - How to define List bean with empty value

I have Struts 1 / JSP web application. In the JSP I need to define List bean and pass value to it.

<bean:define id="beanName" type="java.util.List" value=""/>
does not work. It says I should pass ...

4. Bean values are lost

5. Clear bean values onLoad

6. jdbc value retrieval from a bean and then from a jsp

hello everyone i am trying to call database values from a bean and then ultimately want to display them from a jsp but the error "java.sql.SQLException: no data found" arising everytime. what to do? please help. my database name is ppp.mdb and it is placed in d:\jakarta-tomcat-4.0-b5\examples\jsp\ppp.mdb in here, i have two tables with the name a)conference and b)shuttles in the ...


8. Values from bean to a servlet

public static final String findByPart = "SELECT * FROM boxcontents where part_no = ? "; public static BoxContent findByPart(String part){ java.sql.Connection con = null; BoxContent box = new BoxContent(); try{ con = DataSourceTest.getConnection(); PreparedStatement ps = con.prepareStatement(findByPart); ps.setString(1,part); ResultSet rs = ps.executeQuery(); while ({ box.part = rs.getString("part_no"); box.content = rs.getString("content"); } con.close(); } catch (Exception e) { //System.out.println("this is the problem"); ...

9. bean value persists on clicking back

Hi All, I have a jsp search screen with 4 checkboxes say a,b,c,d. The problem occurs in the following steps 1) I check a and b and submit the request . App navigates to results screen. 2) I come back to search screen, a and b are checked. I uncheck them and check c and d , submit form to see ...

10. EJB3 Session Bean not retaining values

11. how to get the values in a servlet? the values are set in a bean using jsp

yes. the jsp is submitted to a servlet. i did not understand completely. my assumption is if i set some properties in a bean (from jsp) those values i can retrieve in the servlet from that bean. but how? i dont know how to write the code. or is my assumption is wrong?

12. Bean will not remember values

Hello Experts I have a JSP page that when you open it runs a method which set some methods which are called the same JSP page with getDK() (true / false), etc. Like a normal bean. My problem is when I call setDK(true) from the Java class it work fine, BUT on the JSP page is the value "null", it do ...

13. Values not getting set in bean

14. Taking Bean value in JSP

Hi..I have a small doubt... How can i take a bean value in jsp? If your answer is , then i have another doubt. usually in controller i create a new object like "Bean x= new Bean();" and i will set the values for this bean's object. How my will take exactly the new bean object created in my controller? ...

16. retreive a value from bean into jsp.