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1. Expiring a page in the browser?

I've made a twitter-like web app. Users can follow one another when viewing eachother's pages. Here's a high-level description of what's happening:

  • UserA views their own page at, which renders a ...

2. using browser logos

I'm adding a functionality of browser version detection and showing a message if the version is outdated, just like Youtube is doing for IE6. Is it OK to use the logos ...

3. How to embed a document in HTML page?

We would like to show the document (e.g. pptx, xlsx, docx, pdf, html) in a html page after retrieving it from the database via a servlet's doGet method.
Can anyone share some ...

4. Prevent window popup warning in browser

I'm trying to open a jsp page in a new window. Using javascript yeilds browser warnings and in some cases (firefox) will block the popup by default. Is ...

5. Display dynamic html pages in browser using jsp/servlet

I want to display html files dynamically (last modified at the top) using JSP/Servlet. Please help me .

6. Image is not showing in browser?

<body style="background-color: paleturquoise">
    <h2 style="color: red">Duke's soccer League: Home Page<br/></h2>
    <ul style="list-style-type: circle">
        <li style="font-size: larger"><a href="">All Leagues ...

7. need to have an alertbox in jsp inorder to close the browser

I have a function in my jsp to keep track of the session. Wen the session gets expired, I need to show an alert that the session is over. The box should ...

8. Constructing javascript and html on the fly?

I am new to web programming so please bear with me. I am trying to make a service where I'd be able to serve html files with javascript (your modern html ...

10. Displaying a HTML file in the new Browser Window using JSP


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