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1. Dump contents of a image file to the browser using JSP

How can I dump the contents of an image file on disk to the browser? I tried this but the image is broken (broken image symbol in the browser).

<%@ include file="config.jsp" %>
<%@ ...

2. Image not displayed in the browser

3. image display in servlet in browser

When talking about image display in a browser, remember that it takes two things: 1. an IMG tag in an HTML page (or direct URL link) to make a request 2. A servlet to interpret the URL and format the response Bill (yes, I know this is obvious but sometimes people try to cram the two together)

4. How to set size of servlet generated image to match size of browser window

I think you would have to use JavaScript to get the screen height and width and incorporate that information in the URL for the image. Looking at this JavaScript Pocket Reference I just got, that looks like screen.availHeight and screen.availWidth (but it has been some time since I wrote any Javascript) Bill

6. Servlet generating Image into Browser's Popup Window

Hello All, I haven't coded with Java for a while but now I'm happy to do it. I have situation that Servlet is generating dynamically a Graphic into MemoryStream and it should be shown in a new Popup Window of the Browser. I also have to give some properties to Popup Window show I can't use target="_blank" attribute. ...