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I've worked with JBoss and WebLogic before, but at my current job, we're using OC4J, which is a first for me. I think that my problem might be related to that. I'm ...

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How to get Client IP and Browser information using JSP?.

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I'm looking for a product that can: 1) allows users to have a video conference (picture + sound) 2) can be embedded in a jsp web page 3) supports video recording which can also ...

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How can I execute a desktop application from a browser?. I have a web page with a button, when user click this button a simple java desktop application must run. How ...

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I've got a Java web application running, when accessing via a mobile device (such as safari browser on an iPhone) the JSP page renders poorly. The device screen is not suitable ...

6. How to solve runtime exception in browser while running JSP?    stackoverflow.com

While I try to run the following code

<title>JSP Test</title>
<form action="KmlSample.jsp">
    <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Click Me" />
where KmlSample.jsp is:
<%@ page language="java" %>
<%@ page import java.io.BufferedReader %>
<%@ page import java.io.File%>
<%@ ...

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I am a computer siftware programmer but I am completely new to netbeans and java. I did a simple web application and when i try to run it will BUILD SUCCESSFULY! but I cant view it in a browser. I get this error javax.servlet.ServletException: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: Unable to get connection, DataSource invalid: "java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for jdbc/IFPWAFCAD"

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I know that using Javascript window.open(); I get a pop-up window. I know that Click me! opens a separate browser window for the file fred.jsp. In The JSP/Servlet Model, where

9. REFRESF BROWSER    coderanch.com

As kyle said we can use JavaScript to remove (but you can use them through shortcuts. and through context menu) from appearing. But i dont think it will serve your purpose. one work arround could be... just set some variable in the cookie say xxxreloadable=false for the first time you are accessing xxx page. if the request comes to the same(i.e., ...

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Below is the code for a jsp page problem is it will display the "); out.print("hi"); out.println(""); } %> <% out.print(""); out.print("hi"); out.println(""); %> heres the output browser IE 5.0 "); out.print("hi"); out.println(""); } %> hi the last ...

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David, If i didn't post my thread into the HTML/Javascript thread, it's because I'm not interested in that kind of solution. What want is a server-side way of solving the problem. You mentioned the MVC, ok, interesting point. But please go a little bit further. What kind of "stuff" do you implement in your controller to handle the "back/forward" problem ? ...

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Hi . I have written a web applicaton using Struts and JSP.The application is actaually a portal and among the features there is a look and feel feature: basically the user can specify the CSS style, background colors and other options. These characteristics are stored in a database and they are read from it at user logon.They are then stored in ...

21. Controlling the browser    coderanch.com

Is there a better way than onunload to control the user clicking away from the current page/form until the current page/form is completed. Is there a way to send a message to the server if the user navigates away from the current form, so that the app knows to abort/finish or save the current session.?

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27. Browser Back buton    coderanch.com

You can't. This is a good thing. The back button isn't yours. It belongs to the user of the browser and is there for him/her to navigate across different sites as well as different pages within a single site. It's not for the developer of any particular site or application to decide whether or not this feature is available to an ...

29. Can I control histosy the history in the browser    coderanch.com

No, you can't control the browser's history in JSP. You may be able to screw with it with JavaScript but that is fragile and not very user-friendly. What you should do is use a combination of: 1) Cache-Control headers so the browser doesn't remember previous searches 2) A Page / Front Controller servlet that receives the search results, gathers the required ...

30. Strange JSP behavior - dead browser    coderanch.com

Has anyone enountered what appears to be a "dead browser" condition when trying to click a link or submit a form from a JSP? In my own development as well as on commercial sites that use JSP, sometimes a browser refuses to go back to the server to submit a form, etc., and instead immediately returns an error - page not ...

31. fowarded from servlet to jsp but in the browser it shows the servlet name???    coderanch.com

One of the problems is that when I go back to my index page which is the login page in the event the user inputs a wrong password etc...I foward back to the login page then it cant display the graphics nor the java script objects are not intialized. Also, when I am at index.jsp and I foward back to index.jsp ...

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which again is javascript and no server side solition! As Kaj recommended this should not be done. Anyway sometimes it is necessary to implement such a behaviour to fulfill workflow requirements. Use the session then to implement these workflows. You may for example store the name of the page which is currently shown in the session. When a http request is ...

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