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1. Open an HttpURLConnection in a browser

I am working on a jsp page which uses a bean to create an OAuth authenticated HttpURLConnection and am able to connect successfully. Is there anyway that I can take ...

2. Is there a way to limit the number of AJAX calls in the browser that remain open?

I have a software design question on what's the best way to handle a client javascript program that relies in multiple (but mostly consecutive, not simultaneous), short-lived AJAX calls to the ...

3. Why does my browser not automatically open the "Save As..." dialogue box from Java Servlet?

I am currently attempting to have the browser automatically prompt the user to save a file from server. I have a Java Servlet coded as follows:

private void doDownload( HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse ...

4. opening xls fine in web Browser using jsp

Hi Ben, I tryed it...but unable to do it. Please provide me a example to open Excel file in browser after clicking a link on a browser. This Excel will open in same browser or may be in other brower,my application need a to open excel fine in browser. Help me in solving it. Thanx in advance.

5. Getting new browser window to open

6. not opening a page in browser

10. Re-open browser

11. Opening a JSP in new Browser window

12. JSP page open a web link in a new browser