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1. How can I change the back button function in navigation toolbar?

I have developed a simple web application using JSP. It has a login page which contains username, password fields and sumbit button. It has a logout page which contains a link ...

2. back button

hi, I hope this will work. Give a name to form.

In the on_click event, call a java script method onBack(), and in java script onBack() place the following code:"yourjspfile.jsp";"POST";; "yourjspfile.jsp" is the file, where you want to go when you click the button. I am sure this will work. good luck. laxmi

3. Back button and JSP

You cant reliably do this -- the browser may simply get the page from Cache, and so you have no control. Probably your best bet, is to pass a transaction id (page view id or something) on the URL or as a hidden field, then check the client and server numbers when the client hits a link. If the numbers are ...

4. JSP - Back Button Problems

What kind of problems can I expect with the back button in a typical web application involving transactions? In my application, a Customer could browse the website and buy a few items.(typical basket/checkout kind of functionality) Say, I have a page with a basket containing 2 items. I add a 3rd item, now my basket shows 3 items. I could press ...

5. back button problem

6. Back button behaviour

Hi all, I have a jsp/struts application. I want to ensure that after my form has been submitted (hence calling the struts form class which validates the form values) if the user clicks the back button, the form is displayed exactly as it was with all the values intact. Note this is not a struts problem - the form fields are ...

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10. Back Button detection with Servlet

11. back button

what is the good way to implement back button? one is history.go(-2), it looks good at first go. but there is an issue here: it just shows the back page from browser history. this is what it is supposed to do. but consider this scenerion: <% if(request.getAttribute("error") != null) { %>some error occured<% } %> assume there is a form and ...

12. Back Button For JSP

13. back button problem

1)i have one login page.user enter name and password and click submit.. 2)when submit button click,session will be created. name and pass word set attribute to session 3)after logout i click browser back button,it display the previous page i am also using the following code for session closing in my logout.jsp but it is not working.. session.invalidate(); response.setHeader("Pragma", "no-cache"); response.setHeader("Expires", "Sat, ...

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