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1. Browser back button

Hi, I have one main.jsp page which has some form fields and submit button. on submit it goes to page called page2.jsp. When user clicks on browser back button, getting warning as Warning: Page has Expired The page you requested was created using information you submitted in a form. This page is no longer available. As a security precaution, Internet Explorer ...

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4. Back Button on the browser

5. Browser Back button

6. browser back button problem.

I have a JSP page in which there are 5 links and 2 Combo box. When any event(by clicking links or chosing a diffrent value in combo box) is fired on this page, same page is submitted. On clicking the link the records for that link is displayed (Expanded). On clickig the link again the expanded record is contracted. Let me ...

7. Browser back button

8. problem with Browser's back button

In my application after logOff, if i click back button of browser the previous pages are displayed even though the session is expired,the user can see the pages but he can't do any action because first i check for session, if session is not there i redirect the user to login page. but i dont want the pages to be displayed ...

9. How to control Browser buttons from a Servlet

no. strictly speaking a servlet cannot disable browser buttons. you'd have to do something through javascript using the history: if (currentpage is in history) { window.history.forward(1); } in general, you cannot control a users browser - ie font preferences, disabling buttons etc. the other way would be to use a session based pages which expires so that if they go back ...

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16. problem with back button of the browser.

Hi. I created a loginpage and after login it will display second page.In the second page logout button present.After clicking the logout button it displays the login page again.In the login page if i clicked back button it displays the second page again.But i dont want to display this page. Can any one suggest me.