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1. Change jsp with button click

I have 3 jsp page. The first is a menu with 2 button. When i click the first button i want open the second jsp. when i click the second button i want open ...

2. How to know which button is clicked in JSP

You have 4 buttons each with the same name "name" and same value "Click". Use that index i to name your buttons and values as well.

3. How do track what link or button was clicked

I need to know what link or button was clicked on a jsp page that i create and lets say it has several links but i want to set a variable depending on what button was clicked. how do i track what button was clicked cause i want it to call it's page of origin but just a chuck of code ...

4. how to find which button is clicked

6. Trying to access a servlet on button click

Hello, I am trying to call a servlet on button click.Its not a submit button,but a graphical button (not a part of form). When i click the button get the message: HTTP STATUS 405:HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL. The specified HTTP method is not allowed for the requested resource. When i reference a jsp page it displays ...