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Restrict user from accessing the previous page after signout
hi i want to disable the back button of the browser when logout in jsp ...

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how can I disable a button by checking a condition in my jsp? If true,then the button is enabled,if false,then the button is disabled. The condition would be checking the value ...

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Hi ranchers I am currently making a web based application in jsp.I have a login page which asks for username and password.After the authentication it goes to the application stuff,there i click the logout button it comes back to the login page.Now when i click the back button of the browser it goes back to the previous page.I dont want this ...

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To my knowledge there is no way of achieving this since the back button is part of the browser's functionality and can't really be manipulated by code running within it. One possibility which might restrict use to some degree though is to use javascript to open your application in a window that does not display the buttons. However the user would ...

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