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The CSS looks like this: A.formButton {background-color: #A1B7D9; ...

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I want to hide and show the table row based on a condition. The id of my atable row is showhide2. This is my part of code to use show/hide the row


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Hey guys, my question is self explanatory. I want to run a shell,thats calling a procedure, from a jsp using a button. The procedure is


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i'm getting the value s from database and in while loop i'm writing the following code which is written inside a form and on action calls another jsp page


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my cancel button redirects to another page.

in safari when click this button it also save values into database. my save button has another onclick event which doesnot fire on cancel button.

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I would like to trigger the js function onClick from button. for some reason i am facing Function not defined. Need to call this in JSP

// doUpdate function details
boolean doUpdate = ...

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I am outputting to the screen rows of data followed by 2 buttons, edit and delete. When the edit button is clicked the user should be asked if they want to edit the existing record or if they want to add a new record. If they choose to edit the existing record, the page will be forwarded to a screen where ...

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Hi All.. I have a jsp with buttons created from a CSS. In IE, it works file, but in netscape the buttons overlap. Here is the JSP Code.

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Hi, i'm experiencing a problem with JSP Buttons. The scenario is as follows. My "Submit" button is linked directly to the DB and whenever that button is clicked, an entry is recorded. Each entry is meant to be unique. However, during testing, i realized that if you double click on the button, 2 similar entries will be added into the database. ...

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Original -------------------------------------------- Button 1 <% if(request.getParameter("Submit7") != null){ Do something } %> ------------------------------------------ What I want to do ------------------------------------------ I want to do the same thing but instead of a button I use a link instead. <% if(Link was clicked){ Do something } %> ------------------------------------------ If you know how this can be done, please ...

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Hi all " Happy New year" I have task here. I have some buttons on JSP by default. I also have a pulldown list, where i am going to choose a colour. Depending on the color chosen i need to change all the buttons. Eg, the pulldown has list of colors like red, brown, green etc. when red is chosen from ...

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Greetings to everybody, I have some problems with some radio buttons in my jsp page. Every one of these radion buttons maintains its checked state unless another is clicked. At the first click on the button, the button becomes checked and an url is tasmitted to the server. The problem is that afterwards, although the buttons remains checked, the parameter select ...

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I have a button in jsp and when activated it needs to send message to the command prompt on the server to compile a file.( similar for running a file). code for the button is

Command for compiling the code at the prompt:

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this is my jsp <%-- Document : Puchasing Created on : Apr 11, 2010, 12:34:23 PM Author : aruna --%> <%@page contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%> JSP Page

<% Double value = (Double) session.getAttribute("total"); if (value == 0.0 || value < 0.0) { out.println("Thank You"); ...

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amit punekar wrote:Hi, The simplest and basic way to do this as below : 1) Post the data that needs to be added to the database 2) You can either choose to post to a JSP or Servlet if you are using plain JSP-Servlet architecture (MVC 1 or 2) 3) In the JSP or servlet invoke the corresponding method of the ...

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Hello everyone; How can i add a button my jsp page to print the entire content of the page. Here is the scenario: I have a web application that can connect to a db server. When i run a query, i get the result(a one row table). Now i want to add a button to my page to print all the ...