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1. Question on BUTTON name/value pairs sent from JSP

Ok, here's another issue along the same lines. Here's my intial JSP file (please accept my apologies, I'm somewhat new to JSP coding as you'll see): -------- <%@ page import="java.util.*,java.sql.*" %>

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<% ResultSet rslts = (ResultSet) request.getAttribute("results"); out.println(""); while ( { String name = rslts.getString("issue_name"); String priority = rslts.getString("priority"); out.println(""); ...

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2. How to retrieve the names of the buttons in servlet ?

For buttons, you get only that button which actually has been clicked and more over why do you want to all the names on the server side. do one one thing, let the names of all the 4 buttons be name but give different values to them. when someone clicks on the button, that value is passed to you which you ...