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1. JSP java code + html table

I have encountered a problem that I don't really understand. I'm using java code to access a database and then using the jsp part, display in html format the result. The code ...

2. changing table column headings on click of button

<%@include file="/WEB-INF/jsp/include/pagedirectives.jsp"%>

<div style="background: #D6E8FF; padding: 10px;" class="advanced_search">
<%@include file="/WEB-INF/jsp/include/page.topmessagebox.jsp"%>

<table class="form" cellspacing="0" id="requestSubmissionEform">

3. call servlet from button in a table

I have a table which one column is button, how can I send ${user.key} the to the servlet when I click over the button?

<form action="InstitutionManagementServlet" method="post" >   
<c:forEach items="${requestScope.AllUsers}" ...

5. edit table using button