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1. How to assign a value to a variable (A java variable) on a button click in JSP?

How can I assign a value to a variable in a JSP page, on a button click? I have a button "delete" in my JSP page. when a user clicks on ...

2. how to get the button value from jsp to servlet

how to get the button value from jsp to servlet in jsp:

<input type=button name=bt value=gi onclick="document.frm.submit();"></input>
and in servlet like that:
String gi =request.getParameter("bt");
    System.out.print("button value" +gi);
result=null thanks

3. getting the submit button value using jsp

Dear All, I have a form with multi submit buttons like this

<FORM NAME="form1" METHOD="POST" Action="SomePage.jsp">
        <INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" NAME="submit" VALUE="Button 1">


4. Retrieving values using option buttons.. please help!!

Hi, I am retrieving values from a database to a JSP page and I have option buttons for some of these values. But each time the page retrieves stuff, the option buttons are not showing the values, but showing the default options checked! The functions I'm using are isGenderSelected() and isAuthorizationSelected(). Could someone please point out what I'm doing wrong? The ...

5. hiding delete button for one category value

Hello, Here is a question that I believe will be pretty easy for one of you jsp experts to answer (I hope): If I have a jsp program that is called by a dozen or so menu items but would like to hide the delete button for one of the choices, how can I do it? I have a tree.js menu ...

6. Complete Key value not visible on the button

Hi I have two buttons on my jsp. Actually I had three but I got rid of one. The key value(value from of one of the buttons dont show up. Last three characters are not there on the button. Can anyone explain. Here is the code for that portion

10. linking jsp buttons with values.....

Hi, I have a requirement where i want to link buttons with different values in a jsp... i have {a=0,b=1,c=2} values inserted in a hashtable....and i am displaying only the keys(a,b,c) on the screen using jsp.... now i want to associate a remove button with each of these so that when i click on 'a''s remove.....a=0 gets removed from the ...