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1.  getting old (probably cached) html content

I am hitting a URL in a JSP thru the tag:
<'c:import url="${pageContext.request.scheme}://${pageContext.request.serverName}:${pageContext.request.serverPort}/${pageContext.request.contextPath}/html/temp.html" var="content" /> I am getting the html content properly. Now, I change the html content for temp.html but the JSP ...

2. Caching dynamic content

3. How do JSPs control client content caching?

Something I never quite understood is how JSPs control client caching. The content returned by a servlet/JSP is dynamic in nature: tags, scriptlets and espressions are evaluated to generate the content sent to the client. Therefore, every call to a URL needs to "run" the JSP to have a fresh copy of the page content generated. On the other hand, I've ...

4. about using