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1. How can I escape special HTML characters in JSP?

Before I go and create a custom tag or Java method to do it, what is the standard way to escape HTML characters in JSP? I have a String object and I ...

2. How to escape all special characters in jsp??

There is a function that you can use if you have problems with storing/retrieving special characters in the database. Generally speaking, replacing character a by b in string q is ...

3. Escaping special characters

I have som text boxes which are validated on the server-side. When i enter double quotes in the text box the page shows validation error, but now the text after the quotes does not appear and if it is followed by ">" it closes the tag. What is the simplest way of encoding special characters

4. Escaping special character

5. Javascript escape characters in a JSP

6. Escape characters

7. illegal escape character

Thank you for the comment about refracting.. actually im not a Java/jsp programmer nor do i plan to be in the future.. this is a one time job that i had to do for an E-learning software called blackboard and i am developing a building block for it and this seems to be the way in other building blocks.. anyways.. with ...