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1. What is the best way to allow both a servlet and client-side scripts read the same file?

We want to share user validation configuration between a Java validation class (for sanity checking) and a Javascript-enabled form web interface (for usability). What's the best way to deploy this static ...

2. In java web application how to print server file from client side

In the java web application need to select the file from server and print to the local printer. how it can be done Thanks in advance

3. How to send a xml file from server to the client

How can i send a xml file from server to black berry client(mobile) using jsp or java

4. How to encrypt JSP files to make it secure at client

hi, In the first place encrypting jsp/bean, sorry i did not get what does it actually mean. But i just want to pass this message. jsp run in server. So client can access jsp's output provided you give url to access. And also you can validate the user in jsp. -arun [ February 05, 2002: Message edited by: Arun Boraiah ] ...

5. Printing a server file to client side printer

Thanks much Peter for your prompt response.The solution u have given is right but my case is a bit different. To tell the details...i am fiddling with Jasper Reports . Its a very good tool for report generation using java. U can create PDF/XML reports and aslo u can create a file which is in ready to print format. So on ...

6. client files on a JSP

Hi folks i wote my jsp to have a listbox which would display a list of files from a set directory I am using this in conjunction with a WebSphere server. so what i want to do is be able to see the files on the client machine and load that file onto the browser.

7. writing to a file on client machine

8. view client machine files using FTP

9. How to create a new file into client side

Thank you for your quick answer, but, what I really need is what kind of "button" or "input type" can I use to make the same think that "File -save as" : Go to client directories, choose the good one etc... It is not "input type="file" , because file must already exist. Do you know the html method to do this ...

12. How to read a file from client machine

Since you posted to the JSP forum I'm assuming that your code runs as part of a web app; is that correct? If so, it can't access files on the client system. As I said above, they need to be uploaded to the server first. I'm not clear how the FTP server fits in. An HTML page can't upload to an ...

13. copy file from server to client

14. Reading and manipulating file content on client machine

I have a desktop application that prompts a user for file names and then using regex manipulates and displays the sorted/selected data/lines.. I want to do the same thing in web app... Ask user for file name/names and then manipulate data using some POJO class and then display the result.... How can i achieve that if possible.. 1.Is it possible to ...

15. Delete file from client system using Jsp / servlet

Hi.... I m facing a problem , I want the user to upload a file from his system , once he selects the particular file the file must be uploaded and the file in client system should get deleted. I need it urgently , how could i achieve this... Thanks in advance