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1. viewing a client-side pdf in a jsp    stackoverflow.com

How do I show a client-side pdf (i.e. a preview of a file on their hard-drive) in a jsp? I can embed a server-side pdf:

<embed src="fw4.pdf" name="preview_image" width=400 height=800
border=0 type="application/pdf" PLUGINSPAGE="http://www.adobe.com/downloads/">
I can ...

3. How To Fetch a File ( .doc, .txt, .pdf, ..., etc.) From Client's Machine    coderanch.com

1) u need to make the form content type as multipart/formdata

2) then you need to implement a MIME parser and use it in your servlet or jsp to which you are submitting the form, to parse the binary contents that comes through the request. 3) with that parser identify what are the form fields, which part of that binary ...

4. Save a pdf or any file to client machine from server    coderanch.com

In my web application, I need to to capture 1. The users who had opened/saved the file. 2. Also whether the user had just opened the file or he saved the file. we donot get the handle of the browser default file download open save buttons, i thought i can follow this method... Is there any other way to proceed further... ...