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1. How to send response from servlet to client side?

I am trying to send response in form of an .xml file from a Java servlet to the client. For that I have written the code below:

if (result) {

2. Servlet: is there any way to know the response alert at client side

please clear my doubts, here i am sending form data to a server and getting response if success.

<form action="/test" method="post" target="iframe"> .....  </form>
as you can see i have given target ...

3. send some dummy response to client while keep executing current jsp page

My JSP page is retrieving large amount data from data base. The database interation is happening through C++. while I am getting response from C++, Proxy is reaching time out time and its giving time out message. Is there any way in JSP to send some dummy response to client so that I can stop the proxy from timeout, until I ...