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1. Java: appropriate way to pass messages between client and servlet?

My system successfully passes objects from a client to servlet. However it is primitive as it was built to cater for Java 1.1. The message object it passes consists of an ...

2. Remote Servlet Comms

I have two servlets A & B. On B i intend to have a a method isAvailable() which A will call to check the status. If this method returns true then im ...

3. Communication between JSP and Servlet?

I have a jsp page that communicate with a servlet back end. Up until now, the way I communicate with that servlet is via .getJSON() which is a JQuery method. This ...

4. inter servlet communication

I have two servlets: LoginServlet and MailServlet. LoginServlet queries a mysql table using jdbc to get a string(eMail). What I want is to forward this string to MailServlet which in turn ...

5. communication between remote servlets

I have two web applications say App1 and App2. I want to call a servlet which is in App2 from a servlet in App1. I'm using URLConnection for this. I'm ...

6. communication between two different context

In general, the Servlet standard supports this, but a container may decide not to allow it. In JSTL, you can use the tag with a 'context' parameter to name an alternate context. For instance: This works with and as well, depending on whether you're trying to include, forward, or display a link for a ...

7. Communication from two different web apps

Hi all, I'm working with Tomcat 4.0 and I build two web applications: back-app and front-app! I have created a package "job.authentication" in the back-app and I want use this package in a jsp in the front-app. But when I try to import this package I receveid the error: Package job.authentication not found in import I shouldn't create a library .jar ...

10. JSP - JSP communication using jsp:include

My project is purely component based and hence can be broken up into small pieces. As a result of which even the home page, template.jsp is a collection of include directives. The issue here is that the components being displayed on the page need to be made dynamic instead of hard coding everything. For eg, I include four files in my ...

11. JSP communication

12. JSP and Flash Communication

13. Regarding a Communication Link Failure Error

Hi I develpoed a Web applicaton by using the JSP and MySql.That comes a Communication Link Failure Error.I tried up to my Knowledge, yet i didn't solve.Kindly help him and give the soluation. Developed Details:- Platform : windows2000 S/w : java 1.5.0_07 Server : apache tomcat 5.5.17 DB : MySql 5.0.23 IDE : Netbeans5.0 Uploaded Details:- Platform : Linux S/w : ...

14. Jsp to Jsp Communication

15. Servlet-Servlet Communication

16. Inter servlet communication

17. servlet to servlet communication

18. Servlet-Servlet Communication

19. jsp and servlet communication

20. Client/Server communication while JSP execution


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21. communication between servlets & JSPs

22. Inter Servlet Communication

Well, actually you can if the Application server is set up as a cluster as is possible with WebLogic (and others). This usually happen invisibly to the client tho so they can't tell which app server they are being serviced by. The other side to this is that the servlets are usually wrapped up as a web archive (war file) and ...

23. Servlets - JSP communication

24. Servlet to JSP communication

25. servlet-jsp communication

26. servlet to servlet communication

27. servlet/JSP communication?

28. jsp/servlet communication

Your question is confusing. To answer your question, No, you cannot, by definition, write to an InputStream. InputStreams can only be read. Your explanation of what you want to do gives me a clue, but isn't detailed enough for me to do more than guess. And that guess is that you want to read the input, conditionally perform processing depending on ...

29. servlet interprocess communication

my problem goes like this: i want to create an objest, a class actually, and then put it in the memory. then, there will be one servlet that manipulate, get and set the variable in that class. after that, or at the same time, there will be another servlet that take a value from the object and then print it. how ...

31. Servlet-Servlet communication

Hey William, Thanks for the reply. I am using the URL Connection to write a Object from the WebServer 1 to the WebServer2. I have used the ObjectOutputStream for this. What i need to do now is to pass a byte Stream(which used the object passed to it above) that is generated at the WebServer2 to the WebServer1 . I tried ...

32. Servlet Communication

33. application servlet communication

34. servlet communication between two JVMs

I have a scenario where I have a servlet running in app servers context and another servlet running in web servers context. I am using iPlanet 6.5 app server and iPLanet 4.1 web server. The problem comes when the servlet in app server invokes the servlet in web server. It works fine but there is no way for user authentication . ...

35. Inter Servlet Communication

36. can HTML page be displayed using servlet in app-serv communication

hi , i am sending a few varibles form an applet to a servlet , here the servlet has to invoke a process and supply these varibles to that process , this process generates graph its GIF image , i have to display this image ,i have to dispaly the image in a new window not in the one with the ...

38. Servlet to JSP communication

39. JSP- Servlet communication

40. Cold Fusion MX - Servlets communication

42. Servlet to servlet communication

43. Inter-servlet communication

44. Servlet - Servlet Communication

45. servlet to servlet communication

Java has many toolkits available for distributed computing ranging from direct sockets to highly indirect Java Message Service and JavaSpaces, so that is a big question. To refine the question you might think about: How much data / how often / asynchronous versus synchronous / guaranteed delivery / distributed locally versus internet / The Ranch has a distributed computing forum that ...

46. Servlet Communication using

47. Communication with Servlets

Hi all, This is my Clint private void getdeleteText(){ String d[][] = null; try{ urlServlet = new"http://localhost:8080/servlet/GetChatText?g="+group+""); connect = urlServlet.openConnection(); connect.setDoOutput(true); connect.setDoInput(true); connect.connect(); System.out.println("done 1"); in = new; System.out.println("done 2"); Object o = in.readObject(); System.out.println("done 3"); d=(String[][])o; System.out.println("done 4"); System.out.println(d[0][0]); System.out.println("done 5"); }catch(Exception e){ System.out.println(e); } } This is my servlet protected void processRequest(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse ...

48. Inter-Servlet communication

50. Strange behaviour in HttpURLConnection to Servlet communication

Hi! I want to upload pictures on a server using HttpURLConnection. My servlet is deployed in Tomcat 5.5.17. The problem is that the upload never stops and the wrong data is uploaded. On the server the uploaded value is allways 255 for each byte. I belive that the communication is binary. Did anyone encounterd this problem? Any help will be appreciated. ...

52. inter servlet communication

53. Servlet to Servlet Communication

54. Inter-Servlet Communication

Hi, I'm writing two servlets, and I would like one to call the other. Each one will reside on seperate machines. Let's call them servlet1 and servlet2. servlet1 needs to pass a file to servlet2. So I'd like to call up servlet2's doPost method and pass in the file that way. Then when servlet2 is finished doing its work, it needs ...

55. Inter servlet communication

56. Servlet communication between different applications

Hi, sorry if this was posted earlier, i tried searching but didnt know exactly what to type,since there are 100's of posts on servlet comm. i have three seperate web applications (each with its individual webcontent,web.xml etc) basically they are independent applications. Currently all the HTML files communicate with servlets within the application only(there is no cross application interaction). Now i ...

57. two way communication using sip servlet

59. communication Between two servlets

60. Servlet server communication problems

61. Servlet Communication

Hello All, I have one servlet in which i have code to return to forward the response to the corresponding JSP's I had to create another servlet and get some logic there and in its service method i have made some out.println statement to be printed on the jsp so from the first servlet i have to call the second one ...

62. How to implement Inter site communication using servlet?

Thanks Vish, I have figured that WebServices are the most suggested technology for inter site communication. So, Right now I have started to get my hands on the WebServices along with the Plain Java Beans. Could you please suggest me reference or guide that make me learn it quickly which also makes my basic required fundamental clear ? Regards, Bhavesh Shah. ...

63. Servlet to servlet communication

64. Servlet .net communication

65. Servlet communication

68. Inter Servlet Communication- Doubts

HI Maan, Web Container creates single instance of each servlet. Call init on it and then call service on that same instance for each of the subsequent request. Container tend to load each servlet with different class loader to make sure the hot deployment. Hot deployment is enabled in most of the servers which means whenver there is change in one ...

70. Java Servlet and Web Service communication

72. Servlet communication

74. Communication between 2 servlets/java classes.

Hi, Ive a problem. Not sure if its a simple one. I have a web app with servlets (say Servlet1, Servlet2, etc.) in it. I use a SQL query in Servlet1 and fetch an employees information (say empinfo) from the database. This is a string value. Now, I need to pass this empinfo to Servlet2. I might sound dumb till here ...

75. servlet inter communication

Hi, in my application i want to call a method of a servlet from another servlet , how i can do that. Like suppose i have a class variable in a servlet and i want to acess this from another servlet , currently to do that i am puttion the variable in session...but instade of putting it in session is there ...

76. Application/Servlet communication problem

77. ActiveX and Servlet/Server Communication :

78. Java to Servlet Communication

79. Java Application & Servlet Communication

80. JSP/Servlet communication