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I'm doing some work on a JSP site that was coded very badly. For every single database call the original programmer opens and closes a database connection. ...

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Hi Pals, I have 10 jsp pages in my project and in each pages I am opening and closing a connection object and it is resource inefficiency and I came to hear that there is connection pooling system so that we can manage the connections.For that I should need some basic knowledge of connection pooling. pls do favour for me, Thanks ...

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Hello krussi Connection pooling is not about keeping the connection object global or something.. why dont you use the application server connection pool. Using this you can specify the maximum number of connections, their timrouts etc. and the App server will do everything for you .. all you have to do in your code is to request a connection from the ...

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Originally posted by harmanjeet s: I'm new to world of JSP. I'm developing web application using Oracle 8i and JSP to implement it. I'm using jakarta-tomcat server for this purpose. I'll frequently access the database. so I want to use the connection pooling. Can anybody explain the simple procedure to use it thanx

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I am having a LibPool class which is calling the ConnectionPool class. The codes are as follows package library; public class LibPool extends ConnectionPool { private static LibPool pool = null; private static String driver="com.jnetdirect.jsql.JSQLDriver"; public static String url; private static String username="sa"; private static String password=""; private static int initialConnections=1; private static int maxConnections=50; private static boolean waitIfBusy=true; private LibPool() ...

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If you do a lot of database queries, opening and closing a new connection every time is very inefficient. Therefore, you want to use connection pooling. Basically, you will need to write a Java class to represent the connection pool, possibly as a singleton. When this class is instantiated, it opens a specified number of database connections. Whenever your JSP pages ...

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Hi, I am using Connection pooling and storing the pool in servlet context and I have question about getting the connection from servlet context in a all servlets, I want to code a single class where the input paramter will be servlet context and session and this class will return me the connection depending upon some parameter in session. I want ...

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can i increase the number of connection in the conection pool during runtime so that if my all the connection in the connection pool are busy i can create a new connecton to the database to assign to that xtra request No, that's generally not possible. The pool should be sized large enough to cover all situations; a size of 50 ...

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I'm building a web app that uses servlets to connect to a mysql database. I'm looking for a solid implementation of a connection pool that I can use. I don't have access to the Tomcat server configuration, so I'm looking for a library that implements the connection pool from within the servlet itself. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! robin