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1. How to shutdown a servlet container from within a servlet?

Is there a portable way to request a Servlet container to shutdown gracefully, from within a servlet? By portable I mean a technique that will work on all standard compliant containers (Tomcat, ...

2. A Servlet Container on top of Hadoop?

i'm on the architectural phase of a big project and i've decided to use hbase as my database, and will use map/reduce jobs for my processing so my architecture works totally ...

3. Available Servlet 3.0 implementations?

Which implementations of the Servlet 3.0 specification are available (or at least in beta) besides GlassFish?

4. WebSockets served by a Servlet Container

I was taking a look at WebSockets last week and made a few thoughts on how to implement the server side with the Java Servlet API. I didn't spend too much ...

5. Detect if running in servlet container or standalone

I have a simple problem: I want to configure an object differently based on whether the object is instantiated within a servlet container, or whether it is instantiated in a stand ...

6. Stable, open-source Servlet 3.0 container

Are there any JSR-315-capable servlet containers available besides the one in GlassFish 3? Neither Tomcat nor Jetty have stable versions that support the Servlet 3.0 API.

7. Java web application in a Servlet container vs. standalone

What are the advantages of building a small Java web app to run in a Servlet container (like Tomcat) vs. building a standalone Java app with a built-in web server and ...

8. Light Java servlet container for development

I'm looking for a light-weight and simple servlet container for rapid development. For example I want to write Java code without recompiling every time to see the changes in the browser. ...

9. Available servlet containers for Java

Can anyone tell me if there are more STILL ALIVE servlet containers for Java apart from Tomcat (standalone or included in Geronimo, tc Server, etc.), Jetty, Glassfish (included in Glassfish AS), ...

10. What is the behaviour of the container if the servlet class is made final

I want the behavior of the servlet container ,when the custom servlet is made final

final class AtomikosServlet extends HttpServlet


11. How do sevlet containers manage made up jsessionid(s)?

Could someone tell me what should happen if a client initiates a request to a servlet container with a made up (valid) JSESSIONID ? supposing the servlet doesn't have this jsessionid ...

12. Servlet Container

13. Servlet Container

15. How to remove a servlet from container?

16. first job of servlet container

Actually I think that Tomcat does a scan of webapps when it first starts up, and checks each directory to see if it has a WEB-INF subdirectory with a web.xml descriptor. So when a request comes in, Tomcat already knows if there is a corresponding web application. During that initial scan Tomcat can locate and expand WAR files also. Bill

17. vote for servlet container

Hi bipin, As far as my knowledge, Websphere is said to be ons of the best webservers for use with servlets. But this server is quite slow in operation, it takes up also quite a huge amount of memory. If you want a faster webserver, then weblogic is a great one to use.

18. servlet container

19. servlet container

20. can we have more than one instance of a servlet at container start up

Hi gyes.. I have a little doubt... As the life cycle of servlets says that the container will create one instance per servlet at startup or when the 1st request comes up for the servlet. If other requests come in by that time the container will see if there is any intance of that servlet is existing if its there than ...

21. can same servlet have multiple instance in container

A servlet can have more than one instances in the JVM. The number might be configured. SingleThreadedModel indicats that at a time only one request will be allowed to access the one instance's service() method. Effectively it means that the service() method is synchronized. Note : There might be more than one instances in SingleThreadedModel and more than one requests serviced. ...

22. How Servlet Container locates servlet ?

Hi, whenever u r going to run any servlet first u should place that class file in WEB-INF\classes folder irrespective of server this is the common tree in every server. We will register the servlet class name in web.xml file, there servlet container searched for realted class file in classes folder and their respective package folder like this container knows the ...

23. Diff between Web & Servlet container

24. Sequence Diagram for Servlet Container

25. Servlet Container

27. servlet containers

28. methods of servlet container

31. which servlet container?

32. about servlet container

35. servlet container stuff

36. Servlet Container Root

37. How does servlet container choose tracking method

Hi, When you use URL re-writing, and for the first time, the container will send the session id with the URL, as well as a cookie with the response, next, when the user makes another request, the container will check, if there's a cookie with the request it will use cookies, otherwise (the user has disabled the cookies) the container will ...

39. Servlets in different containers

40. TimerTask and servlet container

41. Servlet Container

43. Servlet container - what is the real definition?

The request is received by the Web server and handed off to the servlet con- tainer. The servlet container can be running in the same process as the host Web server, in a different process on the same host, or on a different host from the Web server for which it processes requests. The above text is from servlet specification. I ...

45. multithread in servlet container

If you insist, yes - you might improve performance [after all, at the end of the day it'll depend upon what kind of hardware you use and what kind of thread prioritisation and handling the OS does]. But inadvertently you might be working towards a *much* bigger overhead of thread management. Considering the importance of maintaining data integrity in banking transactions, ...

47. Servlet container - duplicate class definition

That's what I meant, Jeanne - I was wondering whether you can rely on any particular class loading order. And thus - if it's theoretically possible to "patch" a web application without replacing an old JAR, but by adding a new one, which would kind of override the old one. But from what you both said - it isn't. Thanks, both ...

51. Servlet Container, how many containers?