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1. ELResolvers not registered with the JSP container

I have a faces-config.xml, and a sun-web.xml, and have written Glassfish/JSF applications before, but I have been working on this for three days and I am out of ideas. I have a single managed bean, defined via annotations. I am using Java 1.6. I have not modified the jsf-api.jar,jsf-impl.jar, or the el-impl.jar in the modules directory for Glassfish. I have checked ...

3. Adding a new servlet container

4. ClassNotFoundExeption:

I've made no progress on that problem, but I've tried recreating the entire project from scratch, and I now get a related, I think, error. I still get the same load error for my web app, but the root source appears to be different. Now it's a ClassNotFoundException on Here's an excerpt of the log file: