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I like to know JSP and Servlet container are same? Which are they? Is only one container responsible for calling Service methods of both? Than why do we call Jsp container and Servlet container? ...

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Hi I read the sentence "jsp page overrides two container callbacks using jspInit() and jspDestroy()" I like to know what are callbacks Can anybody elaborate on this? Thanks..

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I'm building a quote/testimonial display for a website and I want to be display multiple snippets inside the same container. The following image should help clarify the subsequent text ....

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I have a nested tag implementation as follows The Colum tag get the reference to Outer tag DataGrid via the following method TagSupport.findAncestorWithClass and adds the self reference to a Vector in the DataGrid class. But when I accessed the objects in the vector, I got shocked there ...

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Apologies. Actually, I didn't notice that the previous question had been moved or responded to. The responses should have generated an e-mail notification for me, shouldn't they? Anyway, I thought the question was pretty low-level (I'm just a newbee reading a book, after all). I'll try to target the forums better in the future.

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import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; public class CounterWebService extends HttpServlet{ public void init(ServletConfig conf) throws ServletException{ super.init(conf); } public String getCounter(){ ServletConfig conf = getServletConfig(); ServletContext context = conf.getServletContext(); Object obj = context.getAttribute("cnt"); // GET APPLICATION OBJECT; cnt is Interger type Integer counter = null; if(obj==null){ counter = new Integer(0); }else{ counter = (Integer)obj; } counter = new Integer(counter.intValue()+1); context.setAttribute("cnt",counter); return String.valueOf(counter.intValue()); ...

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Hi, This question is just out of curiosity. This is the myFunction.tld file. 1.2 DiceFunctions rollIt foo.DiceRoller int rollDice() random foo.RandomNumberGenerator int getRandomNumber() random advice advice foo.AdvisorTagHandler empty user true true I am following JSP 2.0 specification So I ...