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1. Any clever ways of handling the context in a web app?

In Java, web apps are bundled in to WARs. By default, many servlet containers will use the WAR name as the context name for the application. Thus myapp.war gets deployed to

2. How to get JSP Application Context inside a java class

I'm not very familiar with JSP, so, let's make this question an example: suppose I have a JSP file (index.jsp) which contain those statement:

MyObject mO = new MyObject();
and in the
public ...

3. how to retrieve value from Application context in jsp servlet

I have to display the Values in drop down list based on popularty used one that is Doller Pound Euro it should be populated based on which is the one is ...

5. Help with application context

Hello, I am new to the JEE world so please bear with my questions. I am developing an enterprise web app in RAD. I have created EAR project and a dynamic web project. Then I created jsp pages inside web project. But when I am launching the jsp page through websphere server the browser is showing the whole address with all ...

6. application managed persistence context

Hi In every book I have read it have been written that application managed persistence context can be performed only in Stateful session beans. Is that correct? I mean, you cannot span entity manager through multiple method of Stateless bean, or you can??? Well I thought that you can,. but I found this in ejb3_persistent_spec. When an application-managed entity manager is ...

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