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1. when developing locally, does it make a difference if the context is '/' or '/appname/'?

when developing locally, does it make a difference if the context is '/' or '/appname/' ? Assuming you will be deploying to I like it when my local url ...

2. Servlet : What exactly the use of context.getRealPath(" ");

As i know it returns the application path? But what exactly the use of it.

3. How to clear servlet context in Java

I use the servlet context to hold details of logged in users in a hash map. How can I clear the user id of a user who is idle after 20 ...

4. Does servlet context param name need to be unique?

Does the param name in the context-param(i.e servlet context parameters) need to be unique? Or can I have multiple param values for the same param name ?

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6. Servlet Context / InitialContext

8. Servlet reuse across context?

9. How to get Servlet Context ?

10. Servlet Context

1. Is a Servlet Context is something private to the servlet who has created it? Its not private. But the context provides the space for exchaging the data between web components. Its is the View of servet towards the application. 2. Is it possible to access an attribute from servlet context in a servlet which has been previuosly set by another ...

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12. Servlet Context

13. Servlet Context

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16. Lifecycle of Servlet Context

17. Servlet Context without servlet

18. Servlet calling a another servlet on different context.

Since that is a "different webserver" you are talking about, you might use a Java Message Service - it has provision for serialized objects as messges and may be simpler than EJB. Of course a direct socket connection between the two servers could also be used for the simplest one-shot. You might tell us more about the volume of traffic, reliability ...

20. Accessing Servlet Context from a Java Class

Making a class "servlet-aware" obviously hampers its possibility for reuse and restricts it for usage only within web applications. Whether this is acceptable or not is up to the purpose of the class. Is it a class that performs general-purpose processing that could be used elsewhere? Or is it a class whose purpose makes sense only in the servlet environment? The ...

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22. servlet context without servlet

24. Problem in Using Servlet Context

How are you moving from one servlet to another? With a requestDispatcher (chaining), sendRedirects, or are you relying on the user to click links and submit forms? If you're chaing servlets, the most efficient thing to do is to bind your variables (objects) to the request object and have the next servlet retrieve them from there. If you're using sendRedirect, you ...

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26. Servlet context

27. how to change values in servlet context

28. Servlet context question

Hi I assume that initially at the start of the servlet the container passes Servlet Config object into init() method.So we start using this servlet config whenever we want but no servlet context is provided by the container although servlet config contains a refrence to servlet context but how does the servlet context come into being .How come we have a ...

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30. Use of Servlet Context?

Hi, I've never really been certain about the use of the servlet context outside of defining a few context params in web.xml After learning a little about struts and inspecting the servlet context of the Struts application I noticed that the Action Servlet from Struts was present in the Servlet Context. After that observation I got an idea that I would ...

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35. Accessing Servlet Context

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45. Browser Closed, servlet context cleared?

46. Getting servlet context in ws app

Hi I'm sure this is a very simple question and that I'm looking like an idiot for asking this, but I'm still learning all these webservice related stuff, so bear with me please. My problem is that I am trying to read a configuration file from a properties file in a webservice application unsing a websphere application server. I already know ...