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check the code of one of the applications, and found this line:

I tried to find a description of methods with Google:
but I could not find the official description of these ...

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In my web.xml I set context param "pathToImages". In my jsp files to get path to my images files I use EL, like this:

<img src="${initParam.pathToImages}"/image.jpg" />
But I have problem with JavaScript. ...

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How can I access the JSP context inside a custom EL funtion.

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We were using the Apache 1.3.2 and Tomact3.2.3 but on upgradation to Apache2.0.39 and Tomcat4.1.12 The previous deployment description as But on adding Tomcat was not starting up and it got shut down . And on adding the previous war file to webapps it displayed the following error. Apache Tomcat/4.1.12 Oct 16, 2002 11:13:28 ...

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I am trying to create a javascript function called help() that will be called from an object on a form when the user is on that object and clicks F1. I want the function to know which object it came from and then link to that part of the help.htm document. I also want to suppress IE's help page. This web ...

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Thanks ,I know this is a design flaw to keep in Servlet context but i have far exceeded the point to change it to session. I didn't understand Ravish Kumar's statement Can you kindly explain why only when the first user chnages it will be updated and why not by the Second user.

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hi all, I am facing a problem in my application because of multiple context. here is explanation of my problem. I have multiple war files here is, those are part of single ear but they have different web context. On user interaction with the help common menu in top frame, user switched to different context and comes back to previous context. ...

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21. Serving Content from Outside the context    coderanch.com

Hi I am using Jboss-4.0.5 application server I would like to include a HTML file which is placed outside the web application (eg: sample.war) in a JSP. im using the following to include the HTML file The issue is filepath is considered with reference to the application example: if filepath=C:/html/static/temp.html then JSP include tag is considering path as /sample/C:/html/static/temp.html ...

24. java:comp is not bound in this Context    coderanch.com

I havent really read your code because am in a hurry but i thought a quick answer might help you. I was experiencing the same problem while deploying in tomcat 6. The problem was being caused by catalina.jar in the war file. Try cleaning up the war (remove jars files from the war's lib folder that are present in tomcat's lib ...

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I am using following tutorial to learn ejb3 , http://www.laliluna.de/download/first-ejb3-tutorial-en.pdf In this tutorial the the remote interface for a session bean is BookTestBeanRemote and implementing class name is BookTestBean. This class has a variable public static final String RemoteJNDIName = BookTestBean.class.getSimpleName() + "/remote"; The client program look for this name in context.lookup i.e BookTestBeanRemote beanRemote = (BookTestBeanRemote) context.lookup(BookTestBean.RemoteJNDIName); I am confused ...

32. JSP context problem    coderanch.com

Hi, I am creating a sample application with following code structure and the build structure as mentioned in the attachment. I am facing a strange problem. Whenever I am typing the direct path of the URL - "http://localhost:7001/loginApp" neither the image nor the style is getting rendered. However when I am using the actual path -"http://localhost:7001/loginApp/jsp/Login.jsp" I am able to view ...

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I am messed up with understanding concepts of JTA transactions, BMT/CMT, Persistence context with transaction propagation. From EJB3 Specs : The extended persistence context exists from the point at which the entity manager has been created using EntityManagerFactory.createEntityManager until the entity manager is closed by means of EntityManager.close. The extended persistence context obtained from the application- managed entity manager is a ...