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1. Java to JSP. How to?

i have written a java program which currently runs as a desktop app, it is returning all results accurately as required in the console. I am now faced by a challenge ...

2. How to convert dd-mm-yyyy HH:mm:ss to yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss using JSP

How to convert dd-mm-yyyy HH:mm:ss to yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss using JSP?

3. convert UploadFile object to a ZipFile object

        <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
        <title>JSP Page</title>

4. Automation for JSP Multilingualization

An existing set of JSPs, hard-coded with English field labels, javascript error/info messages, image 'alt' message etc. needs to be multilingualized. What would be the best way to go about converting these ...

5. random number generator function conversion into jsp

I want some random no displaying on the web page and storing it into the database . please guide me how i can implement the same tutorial in ...

6. Convert servlet to a webservice

I have a servlet to a webservice in java, I have a servlet that process user information ,(registeration) and return a result as a string , how do I use that servlet ...

7. Convert a Desktop application in java to jsp

I have Created a Chat application in Java using Socket programming and now i want it to convert it into jsp? I am beginner in java programming. and i don't know AJAX. ...

8. Convert Java to Servlet

System.out.println("Request XML MessagePath ...

9. propagate conversion in my own servlet and no cid in reques...

I have a servlet and can use ServletLifecycle.beginRequest to initial seam context.But I don't know how to propagate a conversation? I didn't pass conversation id on the request parameter(ex: myservlet?cid=124) conversation id in my project is stored on other place and can get back in this servlet.Is there a official/simple way to do this?thanks../Dennis

10. Conversion of servlet to WebService

11. Mark Hansen - Converting servlet design to Webservices

Hi Mark, Currently I am developing a client server application. Java client (A command prompt based application) reads some data from com ports and converts this data to xml. It keeps adding data in xml for 1 hour and after every one hour it streams xml or http to a servelet. Servlet analysis the data and updates the database accordingly. Another ...

12. JSP's Conversion to a Servlet

14. Converting legacy system to JSP

I am converting a legacy system to JSP based. I want to stay away from third party tools. Now, typically I have drop down lists which popultae form database and users can change record in there also there is traditional First/Next/Prev/save/delete/insert etc. I am following a book to do this, seems a lot of code ... Are ther any beans etc(open ...

15. Conversion problem in jsp

I am setting a 2-D array as an "Object" in a session and getting it back as an "object" in another page.Is there any way to get my "2-D array" back from the "Object" ( I am not able to typecast)? Or is there any other way to set and get multi-D arrays in session ? Kindly help.Thanks.

17. converting variable types

18. Converting into a javabean.

20. HOw to convert From JSP to JSLT

21. Converting a List to another type

22. JSP converting my encoded quotes

Originally posted by Ben Souther: you would need to view the HTML source Have you done this yet? Yes, in both IE and Firefox with Firebug. The actual content sent back to the browser already contains the actual quote. While debugging in Eclipse, I can see the correct value in the servlet just before I send it all to the JSP. ...

25. Servlet to Jsp Conversion tool

26. Converter Servlets

27. CGI to servlet converter

28. Using Servlet for converting VC++ DLL

"Servlet or Bean" is not the right question. If you are going to talk to a client web browser, you need a servlet to get the request and control the response. JavaBeans are typically used to encapsulate some functionality to avoid clogging the servlet code up with extraneous code. I'm not real clear on what the existing DLL does. Does it ...

29. Converting a Java app to a Servlet

30. Converting JSP to servlets

I want to convert my JSP page to servlets. I will outline the JSP code I wish to convert, and then propose some suggestions. Here is what the code does: - Checks to see if this is a fresh page load, or a repost - If it is a repost, checks to see if the account to be created is valid ...

31. idea required to convert jsp to xlst

32. converting servlet code into jsp

33. converting java code to servlet

34. Converting 'ش' to

Hi all, I have this code in a test.jsp: <%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=Windows-1251" pageEncoding="Windows-1251"%> <%@page import=""%> <% request.setCharacterEncoding(response.getCharacterEncoding()); String q = (String) request.getParameter("q"); if (q != null) { out.print("
we got q as:'" + q + "' the lenght is:'" + q.length() + "' decoding it to:'" + Util.decodeURIComponent(q) + "' the length ...

35. how to convert .jsp to .java

36. how can i convert .jsp to .java

Hi experts, please help me out. i am a newbie. I really appreciate your time, can you please give me an example of how i can translate this .jsp file code below to a .java file, what will your .java file look like after translating the below code ? my aim is to translate the .jsp into .java and convert .java ...

37. Convert a project into JSP-Servlet

40. Type mismatch: cannot convert from AccessType to XmlAccessType

That's because weblogic 9.2 and weblogic 10 have different server classpath. Chances are that weblogic 10 has a different version of the JAXB jar in its classpath (that it uses by default) but it is not the version expected by your application. So if you have JAXB jar in your web-inf/lib you need to tell weblogic to use your version of ...

41. how to convert avi to flash with java code

44. convert servlet to the jsp

46. How to convert java to jsp

@ paulcw, im doing a project based on google maps. i take 2 inputs (2 different locations) from the user using javascript (combo box). To process those 2 inputs and find the suitable bus route/number, i have come up with a method which is in Java. Its a basic .java file, but now I need to host this application in google's ...

47. converting JAVA to JSP

48. Convert Servlet into JSP

49. Converting a Java application to a Servlet

50. converting a java app to a servlet

Hello everyone, I have one question. I was told by my boss to convert the app I wrote to a servlet so that everyone can use it, but I do not have a good understanding of what a servlet is and how it works, and how I can convert my app into one. Is there a site with explanations of such ...

51. regarding JSP conversion