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1. JSP/HTML Page to PDF conversion

How to convert to PDF from my JSP/HTML file?. I want to convert a particular part of my webpage to a PDF file. Is it possible?

2. Converting values to unit prefixes in JSP page

How can I convert values to to other units in JSP page. For example if I get value 1001 and I want to only display 1K, or when I get 1 ...

3. convert java server pages to servlets

is it possible to convert java server pages to servlets ?

4. Steps to Converting HTML page to JSP

Hi Somshekhar, I'm not really sure you're asking the right question here... HTML is static, i.e. you write a pge once, and every time a user views it, it will look the same. JSP is dynamic, i.e. it allows you to perform actions and generate data using java embedded in either the jsp page or an external class file. These actions ...

5. convert Jsp page to PDF

6. I can't convert jsp pages to pdf why?

8. Converting a jsp page to pdf

Hi, a colleague and I are working on a web-based system where we produce results in a browser using JSP. We need to take these results and email them to someone in PDF. So, the user does all the stuff and then they see the results page. We need to automatically email a PDF of that page to them (we know ...

9. How to convert a JSP page into a PDF file?

Hai CeciNEstPasUnProgrammeur Actually I didnt mean what you are asking? I will put it in this way, I am having a JSP output. If I save that page in the browser it should get saved as a PDF File, This is my problem, As far as I can see, you have two options: 1) Ensure you have some kind of rendering ...