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1. Converting DLL to Class files

Hi Joseph Sorry for the delayed reply, I believe you are trying to convert the Crystal Rpt's .DLL files to .class files to be used in jsp pages, With ref to your prev question. Well here are the steps for the same. Crystal Reports come with a craxdrt.dll which is to be embedded in you page to which you pass the ...

3. Files conversion

4. How To Convert a Servlet File to a JSP File

Could anybody advise me how to convert a servlet file to a JSP file? For example: I have a pretty big servlet file listed below which handles "session tracking", I don't know where to start for conversion. I would appreciate your help. import*; import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; import java.util.*; import java.text.NumberFormat; /** Shows all items currently in ShoppingCart. Clients * ...

6. how to convert a .jsp to a .java/.class file

Hi java/jsp experts, i don't know java/jsp, so please help me out. I want to convert a .jsp to a .java/.class file. is there a tool available, please let me know if you have any pointers.... or can i do it manually: these are a few lines that the .jsp contains, and i would like to translate this to be in ...

7. JSP to class file conversion

8. How to convert java file to jsp

I have a form file and java file . The form contains text boxes and one submit button. I want the form to be displayed in jsp . How to convert the java code into jsp code. When i click the submit button the data in the fields should get saved in the database.

9. how to convert jsp to rtf file