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1. MAGNOLIA CMS - When using cmsu:simpleSearch and cmsu:searchResultSnippet links are not displayed properly and can't convert date into readable format

When using cmsu:simpleSearch and cmsu:searchResultSnippet links are not displayed properly. This is my code:

<c:if test="${!empty param.contentSearchPattern}">
    <h1>xx results for "${fn:escapeXml(param.contentSearchPattern)}"</h1>

2. How to convert to required format in scriptlet

I have a transfer object being returned to the JSP after a search. It is having a java.util.Date field (e.g. private Date issueDate;) I am accessing the data in TO using usebean ...

3. MS- Office to html format converters

we are currently downloading a file say aac.doc from the server to the clients browser for displaying its contents...But this method has a limitation in the sense the client should have MS-Office installed on his local machine. I think there are converters available which can take MS-Office documents as input and convert them into html format.. can anyone help out there... ...

4. is it possible to convert reports in jsp to pdf format?

Hello Friends, I have reports in JAVA SERVER PAGES which i want to convert into pdf format with or with out using third party tools is it possible??? can any one please give me a solution 4 it... waiting for your replies [ July 09, 2008: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]

5. Convert any format document into PDF using JSP/Servlet

You won't actually use jsps or servlets to do the conversion. Your jsp will kickoff another process that will do the work, then display the results. That part's pretty trivial, you just call a method that does the work, then show the results. It's the conversion that's the hard part. You can find software libraries out there that do pdf conversions, ...