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1. Create a Word (.doc) file, convert it to PDF and HTML w/o opening Open Office port

I have a project which requires creating a Word (.doc) file with certain formatting and certain data fetched from my database. I want to output that file to user which he ...

2. How to convert JSP into a txt or html file?

You could create a simple Java client (like a getURL() client) that makes an HTTP request to your application server for your JSP page -- it would send a legal HTTP request for the page and then listen for the response -- you could then strip out the headers and write the rest of the information to a file -- thus ...

3. Converting String to HTML

4. Converting Html to PDF

5. converting String into html

We have some text to display on jsp using struts tag bean:write tag we want to change the style of text by adding bold tag within the text like "this is the sample text" is the text to display we want to "this" word as bold on java end we added bold tag as "this is the sample text" but it ...

6. converting html to jsp