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1. How to convert Integer to Date in JSP page and then format that Date?

I get following varaiable, but I cannot format Integer, so is there any way to convert Integer to Date in JSP page?

<fmt:formatDate value="${c.dateInIntegerValue}" pattern="dd.MM.yyyy hh:mm"/>

2. String to integer conversion in Java/JSP

I have a variable cost defined in a DB2 table as String. I'm getting it into a value object where it is defined as a String as well. I need to ...

3. Here is a challenge can't convert Object to int

Save yourself some trouble. When you store the attribute into the session for the browser version, don't store it as a string. I'm presuming that you're doing this from a "snooper" page since you're looking at session attributes instead of headers here. // Store the browser version which you placed into String "browserVersion" by // parsing a header or something. java.lang.Integer ...

4. how to convert string to int in jsp?

5. String to Integer Conversion in JSP