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1. JSONobject to JSONtext

how can i convert a JSON Object to JSONtext in a javascript function. i should pass the JSONtext as a string to JSP.

2. Converting JavaScript function to Java

I want to change this code from JavaScript to Java servlet. Can anyone guide me in finding the solution?

 var dob1 =  document.getElementById(id).value;
 var today = new Date(),
 dob = ...

3. Stop converting "<" to "<" in jsp

I have jsp page and some set of javascript code written inside the jsp page.

//some stuff
but in the browser its giving error and the rendered code look like
for(i=0; ...

4. How to convert this .js file into a jsp file? I want to convert this file into a .jsp file . I would like to know where do I store the .js files and where do I store ...

6. converting xml from jsp to javascript