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I am Shrikant. I am facing the problem of JSP to PDF Conversion.Here I am developing an web application in which their is a functionality SAVE AS PDF. When we click ...

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hi, i have a java application that genereated reports using jsp.. i want a link in the web page to convert the report into a pdf document. is there any existing utility so that i can directly call it from my application which will create a pdf so that i dont have to change my code a lot as there are ...

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Hi, I am working on a struts based project . In this project i have a jsp which displays table in a nested format , but i have to provide the user a button say "GET PDF" on click of which that entire jsp should get exported as a .pdf file as it is . 1] I cant use display tag ...

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Hi Guys, I am trying to look up(on the net) for converting a JSP document in my web application to PDF. I had gone through one of the discussions in this group about conversion of html to pdf.But according to the conclusion of the discussion , we can convert an HTML/XML doc to pdf through openoffice.But I am not able to ...

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Simplest answer is install a PDF 'printer' on the client, such as the one Adobe suppiles. Java can't be much help as it is running on the server, not the client. The JSP is rendered on the client, so you'd need to look at a JavaScript method of capturingt th browser output.