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I'm having a strange issue with cookie visibility between an authentication servlet and our actual jsp. We're using a servlet to authenticate that the user is a valid user, and if ...

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I have a cookie, myCookie, that contains a hash value. This cookie is set to expire in one year and has a path of '/'. I need to update this cookie ...

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I am using jersey jax-rs in myeclipse as backend of my project and jsp as frontend. I want to set cookie from server after successful login. In the jersey's official document, ...

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I have set a cookie to an email address for a low level login. When i get the value of the cookie it does not return anything past the @ sign? For ...

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I have a jsp that creates cookies and I have a jsp that displays cookies. If I run these on a standalone version of tomcat, they work just fine. If I put these two JSPs on my server running tomcat under windows NT, the cookies are created, but they won't display. Any guesses as to why?

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I am working on a application , in which we are storing the user information like the user name , the dept and the roles in a cookie. We are using the HTTPSessionCookie. Now I have a serious doubt, abt how safe is it. Once I log in to my application , the information is stored on my browser cookie. Can ...

7. writing a cookie to the disk    coderanch.com

setMaxAge sets the cookie life time period. when created the default cookie's MaxAge is set to a negative value, which means the cookie will be deleted when the browser session will be closed. so, you don't need to run setMaxAge to set a cookie, but you have to run it to manage its life time.

8. Cookie Expiration    coderanch.com

Hi everyone. I'm setting a cookie with the following code: private void setCookie(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response, String name, String value){ Cookie userPrefCookie = new Cookie (name, value); userPrefCookie.setMaxAge(31536000); response.addCookie(userPrefCookie); } then using a loop within the body of the page to retrieve the cookie name(s) and value(s), and yet when I request the MaxAge of the cookie(s) on the page with ...

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I am currently studying the subject 'Cookies' and up to now I am a bit confused. My group and I are about to create a site that will use solely jsp pages. In it I am in charge of the cookies. The teacher intructed us to use JavaScript for that but I found out that it can be done using varied ...

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I found the answer...I found the answer... This happens because Kookie API's implementation Kookie.java doesn't return us the Domain, Path, Max Age any extra information except Kookie name,value NOTE: I have replaced "c" from cookie to "k" everwhere to avoid the posting error I was getting... Here is a piece of code from Kookie.java, public Kookie(String name, String value) { maxAge ...

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Do you need to specify the domain and/or the path for the cookie? I'm not sure if the response will take care of that when you call addCookie(). Otherwise, I don't see anything wrong with this. (Sorry, I'm not much help here -- I haven't had too much experience with cookies in JSP.)

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21. get specific cookie?    coderanch.com

Ester, Welcome to JavaRanch! Yes, you need to loop through the cookie array. If you somehow knew the index of the cookie in the array you could go right to it. However, the cookies are not in any particular order. So you need to loop through each one to get the cookie name and see if it is the one you ...

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Hello, i've got this major problem with cookies, I've got a form, and when the user clicks the submit button, a new cookie will be constructed (based on info entered by the user), and response.addKookie(newCookie); is called. I've got a protion of the jsp that will get all cookies via request.getKookies(); and prints out all cookies to the webpage. The problem ...

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Originally posted by Pradip Bhat: Store data at the client side like Javaranch does. It stores username and password. When you access JR next time cookies stored at the client can be used for sending username/password and you dont need to log in again. Cookies can store some user preferences like Google search engine options ?

27. Is there some easier way to set and retrieve cookies?    coderanch.com

Hey, Bear! Seems like the other part of the code is gone: <%@ page import="java.util.Date"%> <%@ page import="java.net.*"%> <% Date now = new Date(); String timestamp = now.toString(); Cookie cookie = new Cookie ("seemPlayTVPoll", "OK"); cookie.setMaxAge(365 * 24 * 60 * 60); response.addCookie(cookie); %> I had no problem in reading the cookie, but in setting it. I had to use the ...

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Hi, I have requirement where user logins through login page & his information is stored as cookie ,so now i need to display the same user id when the user clicks submit in another jsp page that is been stored as a cookie ,so can any one let me know how i can display the cookie information. please help me in ...

33. Retrieving Cookies After actionMapping.findForward("")    coderanch.com

You will not be able to read the cookies until a round trip to and from the client has been made. A forward takes place, entirely, on the server without involving the browser so the cookies that you set won't actually exist until the browser receives the response and stores them. When the browser makes it's next request, it will include ...

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Hi, I have a requirement to delete a particular cookie on click of a hyperlink displayed on my site. On clicking this hyperlink on my website, a new window of another website pops up which creates and stores cookie on the client machine. But i am unable to retrieve the cookie (that was stored by the other website). I tried using ...

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37. Using a method to retrieve a cookie    coderanch.com

Hi guys, I'm doing some experimenting with cookies. Below is code from a "Murach's Java Servlets & JSP" exercise to create a cookie that stores the first name of a user and adds it to the browser: package download; import java.io.*; import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; import business.User; import data.UserIO; public class RegisterUserServlet extends HttpServlet { @Override public void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse ...

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I try to test cookie settings in jsp. Something strange result. Here is the code <%out.println("start"); Cookie cookies[]=request.getCookies(); String sessionid=session.getId(); Cookie SessionCookie=null; if (cookies==null) { out.println("
Session Cookie added
"); SessionCookie = new Cookie("SessionID", sessionid); SessionCookie.setMaxAge(600*600); response.addCookie(SessionCookie); %> Test Cookies <% } else if (cookies!=null) { out.println("Cookie exists"); out.println(cookies[0].getValue()); out.println(cookies[0].getMaxAge()); } %> The first time I run it, I got a "array ...

40. cookies in JSP    coderanch.com

Anu satya wrote:ok. can you please give example? i am pretty sure.....how to do that keeping both cookie and URL rewriting...... then, how to differentiate the data in JSP, which is coming from URL rewriting and cookies? When writing your JSP's, instead of putting the url plain into the code, you use the c:out JSTL tag that does the rewriting for ...

41. cookie problem    coderanch.com

I don't understand why you haven't posted the code, config, and URLs you're using to test this. The way you're displaying the cookies is correct--if there should be a cookie on that page, it'll display it. Which means in all probability there isn't the cookie there you think there is. Have you confirmed the cookie physically, either by using the browser ...

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Hiii all, I am developing some distributed application where I will add some values to Cookies using response object in one JSP page. The same thing I want to retrive in another JSP page using request object(this is the page which I wil get after pressing button in my first JSP page). When I first wrote and checked it was working ...

44. Cookie Problem    coderanch.com

Cookie cookies [] = request.getCookies (); Cookie myCookie = null; if (cookies != null) { for (int i = 0; i < cookies.length; i++) { if (cookies [i].getName().equals("Id")) { myCookie = cookies[i]; break; // Come out of loop } } // end of for } // End of If String Id=(String)myCookie.getValue(); String url_three="three.jsp?id="+Id; String url_one="one.jsp?id="+Id; ONE TWO ...

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hi thanks for your answer dear Jeanne. i've used both of cookie.setPath("/") and cookie.setDomain("localhost") in my code before. but i can't see that cookie in my applicationB :( I attach my code with this post , I would be thankfull if you check it for me. Somayeh. ------------------------------------------------------------------ <%@ page language="java" %> <%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core" %> <% ...

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