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1. Link JSP to Servlet and return ResultSet from Servlet to JSP

Hi I am currently passing a string to a servlet which i then search an access database and get a ResultSet object. I convert this to an ArrayList and redirest back ...

2. pass ResultSet from servlet to JSP

Hi I am doing the following in my

//Fill resultset from db


try {
       ArrayList Rows = new ArrayList();

       while ...

3. Resultset To List

I want to convert my Resultset to List in my JSP page. and want to display all the values. This is my query:

SELECT userId, userName 
  FROM user;
I have ...

4. ResultSet loses first value

Code seems to work fine, but I noticed whenever I queried a string with only one result, it returned nothing. Somehow I am skipping the first result I think but ...

5. compare resultset result with a variable

I am having some difficulties in java while comparing between a variable and the next resultset. In my case, I want : if the temp variable = then temp ="" else the ...

6. sql result set to Output JSP page

I have a sql query fired in my model class which returns a table of user data. Now i need to display the result on my view page (JSP). I don't ...

7. JDBC ResultSet no results?

Why aren't there any results for this query? Only "Movies!" is printed when i run this servlet.

import javax.servlet.ServletException;
import javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet;
import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest;
import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse;
import java.sql.*;

public class Service extends HttpServlet {
 private static final ...

8. ResultSet to Collection

I want to put ResultSet data into something i can forward to a JSP from a Servlet. Should i be looking into getObject() from the ResultSet interface to make a java ...

9. Displaying ResultSet in JSP/GSP

Does anyone know where to find documentation on displaying ResultSet results in a JSP/GSP page? The results are in a GroovyRowResult object being returned to the GSP. Here is how I'm displaying it ...

10. How to determine if resultset is empty?

Good day! I am wondering how can I get the desired result in my if-else statement if i want to determine if my search is existing or not. I do various combinations ...

11. execute a function (ref cursor) in a jsp using jdbc and show the resultset

I am having a database function which its name is get_budget(year_v, usr_v) and accepting two parameters the year and the usr. Now, I am trying to execute this by using the ...

12. How to duplicate database ResultSet

I would like to duplicate a resultSet that I got from an Oracle database in a jsp page. I thought a simple reassignment would do the trick but it seems to ...

13. Is it Ok to Pass ResultSet?

In my situation, I am querying a database for a specific return (in this case registration information based on a username).


14. Moving ResultSet to first

I have a resultset obejct as rs and i used the fragment of code to count the number of rows.. ...

15. Resultset row count

16. Scrolling through a ResultSet

17. Exausted ResultSet

18. Putting a ResultSet into an Array

Originally posted by George Larry: I thought I could do this... String[] listNames = rs.getArray( "name" ); But that's not working... It would work only for SQL3 Datatypes, if the Database column type is SQL ARRAY, which means each field contains an actual array. But in your case each field contains a String. To convert your resultset into an array you ...

19. Problem iterating rows of a ResultSet with JSP

I hope this is the correct forum because this may have something to do with Sun One Studio and it may have something to do with Tomcat. Here is my JSP code <%@page contentType="text/html"%> <%@taglib prefix="c" uri="" %> <%@taglib prefix="sql" uri="" %> Product List SELECT * FROM userdata_table ...

20. Displaying a ResultSet Problem

22. ResultSet

23. Are ResultSets Thread Safe?

ResultSets are not thread safe and by default they can only be looped through once. Scrollable ResultSets and CachedRowSets can be looped through more than once though. Also ResultSets are not serializable (so can't be returned from EJBs). Check out the FormattedDataSet for an easy way to convert ResultSets to HTML or XML or any other text. The FormattedDataSet can also ...

24. How to scroll between resultsets...

26. Passing ResultSet to JSP

27. PageWise ResultSet

28. Resultset array problem

Hi all Can anyone help me with the following problem I am trying to display data as follows disc0 disc1 disc2 disc3 type1 23 24 25 11 type2 11 7 31 10 etc where the disc is dynamic. I have the following code (see below) and have more or less what I want but with one problem the actual values are ...

29. navigate through a resultset in a jsp page

whzt i want? i would like to show 10 records at a time on a jsp page and ther will be a button that will reload the same page to show the next 10 records in the same can i achieve this? what is happening? when i show the first 10 records i put the resultset in session and the ...

31. forEach with a resultSet ?

32. About ResultSet problem!

33. Converting the Resultset to XLS in jsp

34. obtaining the resultset in sql

hi everyone I need to alter the table thru the GUI itself & get the results displayed in the page. simultaneously another textbox shud appear as i add a column in the table in the insert page. in the view page the data shud arrange itself in the correct order. How do i get the resultset as the count of the ...

35. Processing ResultSet in JSP

36. Resultset display

37. displaying next record in DB using ResultSet

Well, you're going about it a bit backwards. If you want to show only one record at a time, the best method would be to only fetch one record at a time. Grabbing and holding onto a result set is a very poor idea. DB resources should be released as soon as possible.

39. Alphabetic Navigation for a resultset (displaytag)

Does anyone know any available components which allow me to quickly build alphabetic navigation in a JSP page.. Prereferably whilst using displaytag.. E.g. I'm listing a set of customer details.. and on the top of the table I want to give the user a set of links ( A B C D E F G.... etc) which they can click on ...

40. Download the ResultSet values

41. Sorting a ResultSet

42. transpose ResultSet for JSP display

45. Pass resultset from servlet to jsp

46. Scrollable ResultSets - JSP

Suppose we have a resultset of 100 rows. It would be impractical to put all these rows in just one screen. One better solution would be to display only the first ten rows (for example) and then allow the users to move forward and backwards (ten rows each time) until they find the record they seek, or until the resultset is ...

47. ResultSet from Servlet to JSP

48. Passing a ResultSet from a servlet

49. Send resultset from servlet to jsp

Neither is a good idea for a result set. Binding it to servletContext will keep it around for the life of your application. Binding it to session will keep it around for the length of your user's session. Since a resultSet is not really a datastructure and is more of a pipe to your database, binding to anything that will last ...

50. unable to pass value of resultset to servlet to jsp

you can have any Collection .... suppose you are getting users details in resultset . userid, username, password and firstname etc. then create a bean for user with setter getter methods for userid, username, password and firstname. fill this objects by fetching each row from resultset. refer below code... User user = null; List userList = null; resultSet = statement.executeQuery("select * ...

51. display resultset from servlet on jsp

Strictly speaking, you should never have a resultset in a servlet. DB access should happen at a lower layer, with non-DB constructs passed up to the UI layer. If you're doing your DB access in a servlet, you're not following best practices (MVC) for web app design. That said, regardless of where you do the DB access, you should copy the ...

52. Passing resultset from Servlet to JSP

public ArrayList arrSend(String select) throws SQLException,IOException { java.util.ArrayList all = new java.util.ArrayList(); java.util.ArrayList pat = new java.util.ArrayList(); String query = "select * from tbl_rmadetails where " + select ; try { st = con.createStatement(); rs = st.executeQuery(query); while ( { pat.add(rs.getObject("date")); pat.add(rs.getObject("serial_no")); pat.add(rs.getObject("replaced_serial_no")); pat.add(rs.getObject("customer_inv_no")); pat.add(rs.getObject("fault_desc")); pat.add(rs.getObject("vendor_name")); } int pCount = 0; for (int i = 0; i < pat.size(); i += ...

53. Print ResultSet data on JSP

54. getting textbox value for resultset

55. Logic for dealing with resultSet

57. Rendering Large resultset

58. Returning the ResultSet to the JSP

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60. JSP Servlets and ResultSet

61. How to display limited resultset in dropdownList

Hi, I have a dropdownList which shows 80 records at a time. Now i want to show 10 records at a time & when user scrolls down more records are shown. How can i do it? I Searched but could not get the exact response. for printing results currently i am using tag. I saw an option called ...

63. Caching Database resultset

The second level cache will not cache this unless you have configured the query cache, and then it will cache the IDs only. "Session scope" could mean a bunch of things here. If it s the Hibernate Session, you are already caching there (assuming you load the objects you return from this query into the Hibernate session). If its the EJB ...

64. Passing ResultSet from a Servlet to JSP

Bear Bibeault wrote:Seetharaman Venkatasamy speaks wisely. The result set should get anywhere near the user interface. Database resources areon precious and result sets and statements should be closed as soon as possible. In a properly structures MVC app, the database constructs should never escape the Model. Okay here is my initial .. attempt to access a database in the attempt of ...

66. How to display my ResultSet in a JSP??

In a word - don't. You should load the ResultSet into an object or collection of some kind, close the ResultSet, Statement, and Connection that created it in a finally block, add the object or collection to the HTTP request as an attribute, and then have your JSP iterate over the collection to display it. If you're using JSTL to write ...

67. servlet resultset problem

70. Jsp - issue in using resultset method

71. iterate a ResultSet in JSP page