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1. java servlet: generate zip file from BLOBs

I'm trying to zip a large number of pdf files (stored as BLOBs in the DB) and then return the zip as an attachment to the user. What's the best way ...

2. How can I download a MySQL's BLOB using Servlets and AJAX?

I'm using a servlet to access the MySQL data. I already have the code for sending the file from the servlet to the response. What I don't know is how I'm supossed ...

3. Sending BLOBs in a JSON service,... how?

I have a webservice (ie. servlet) implemented in Java. It gets some data from a MySQL table, with one column being of type BLOB (an image), and some other columns are ...

4. Entity Manager Returning Wrong DB Blob In a Servlet

Ive been fighting a problem one and off for about 4 months now. I followed the examples and wrote a servlet that servers up images from the DB. The issue is, the seams example provided periodically fails when there are multiple images on the page. i had previously used JAI for on the fly scaling and thought it was the source ...

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11. refreshing the BLOB

I've made a small web application about movies. For those interested to see it work : go to The web app works with servlets and JSP's. Now the problem is this : in the local version, I can select on the first page the letter "B" to get all movies starting with a B. When I select , say, "Bad ...

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19. Retrive Blob Contents in jsp

SunForumsGuest49 Posts: 49,999 Registered: 10/22/10 Retrive Blob Contents in jsp Posted: Nov 29, 2007 10:27 PM Reply I had inserted a file in database as Blob.. While retrieving the database .. 1) i used resulsetoutput.getstring("blobcoliumn") ; 2) mu output is Like {code} ??????>?? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????5@ ???Pbjbj?2?2 "R?X?X?6???????vvvvvvv????????6^?????@?? $}R?T0Qv|??||0vv???ppp|v?v? p| pp?vv??*P"n R(??~?? ?0??#P#???vvvv?T#v?0>>,pj$??00???N ?f ??N Ontology: The word "ontology" seems to ...