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I want to make a web application by using jsp servlet and bean am using Netbeans IDE. I want to know where I should place the database connectivity code so that i ...

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How can I check the database connectivity in JSP. I want to print an error message if there is any problem occurs with the database connectivity. I m using the following ...

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I thought that might be the case. You are using the JDBC-ODBC bridge, which is generally regareded as being a rather weak implementation of an old JDBC version. If you are using, or planning to use, a modern, supported database such as Oracle, you really should get the latest JDBC driver from the database vendor. Oracle provide a JDBC 1.2 driver ...

8. Servlets and database connectivity

Hi, I have got a basic question. I am connecting to a database through a servlet and displaying a table. What I need to do is have three buttons at the bottom of the table like "ADD", "DELETE" "MODIFY". I am wondering how I can add buttons to the HTML page through the servlet and how to capture the actions of ...

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I have oracle9i installed on my laptop..I also have independent tomcat installed. This first set of error i had was whenever i try to start tomcat it shutdown at the same instance. After playing around i found out that both OracleTomcat and the independent tomcat were using the same port(8080). so i changed the port of independent tomcat to 8000. Tomcat ...

12. Connectivity b/w JSP & Oracle XE

Hi Guys, I need to develop network based inventory management system using JSP and Oracle.I've got Oracle XE installed on my system and Tomcat 5 server. The problem is i'm unable to connect Oracle. I'm using the following Javascript, as a test case. I've configured oracle XE to listen at 8081 and my db login & password is "abeer". Code: <%@ ...

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