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1. Java/Servlet: get current sql.Date

What I need to do is: 1) Get user's locale from request. 2) Create new sql.Date object with current date and time, based on user's locale 3) Write it in MySQL db, column type: ...

2. retriving date only from database by using servlets and displaying the result in jsp page

how to retriving the date only not date and time from database by using servlets and how to display the result in jsp page

3. How can I compare date in my database in jsp?

all, I am a newbie in jsp, here is my code,

String strArrivaldate = request.getParameter("txtArrivaldate");
// ...connection code....
String strcheck = 
    "SELECT  *  FROM tblReservation where Dt_ArrivalDate >= "+ ...

4. oracle SQL date variable

I'm using sqlite database, and I'm storing the date variable as follows

to_date(to_char(sysdate, 'YYYY-MM-DD:HH:MIAM'), 'yyyy/mm/dd:hh:miam'))
However, when I retrieve it from database in my jsp files, it only seems to store year/month/date and ...

5. How to set a global clock in a servlet container to check expiration date in database

I'm developing this website which works like a kind of auction for specific kind of items. The website will be developed using pure jsp and servlets. Basically the items that the sellers will ...


i wanna select the maximum date from the database. my database is MYSQL and i access my database using JSP. I tried the following the query select Max(FIELDNAME) from TABLENAME; but it's giving the following error coloumn not found BUT INFACT THE COLOUMN IS EXISTING IN THE DATABASE AND IF I RETREIVE ALL THE VALUES IN THAT COLOUMN LIKE SELECT FIELDNAME(THE ...

7. Need help with SQL Dates using Oracle

Not being a DBA, I don't know the some of the details, but in our Oracle dates are stored as in '14-JUN-02', not '2002-06-14'. A select with the second format gives the error you describe, but using a select with the first format works cleanly for me. Maybe do a SELECT * and see how the dates are stored in your ...

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