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Hi All ! Can anyone help me in this. How we can call Stored procedures written in C, C++ for db2 udb on aix from jsp. i know them how to call from net.data but i am not able to get the thing how to call from jsp. Thanks in advance Diwakar

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Hi Folks I am developing a web-based product.we are using jsp1.1,Dhtml,Jdk1.3,Sevlet2.3 (Jakarta with struts1.1 )and Db2 as database. I need to generate a pop-up dialogue box as wait or progress indicators for processes(such as opening a file from database,Saving to database) that take more than 7 seconds.Is there any way to do that in Java?I am concerning about estimating the time ...

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I have a question that I know someone might have an answer to. Here is my problem. I am working on developing a three tier application. Client(JSP)->middleware->db2. Here is how my program flows. I send a string of data to the middleware, which gets the data, validates and then send it to db2 for more validation. my problem lies in the ...

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I'm just getting started with JSP for creating dynamic web content. My experience previously been with ASP and ODBC, however, I am now working in an AIX environment running Apache and Tomcat. I'm trying to get the basics of connecting to DB2 through a JSP page, but am not having the best luck. Here's what I've done so far. Created a ...

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Hello: I've built some JSP pages on my corporate Tomcat server that successfully attach to DB2 however the performance is pretty bad. I'm using JDBC. I believe it is related to opening and closing the connection multiple times but am unsure how to proceed. My site uses 3 vertical frames (header, menu, and content pages) accepts several fields from a user ...

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If you want to use the Type 2 driver then you have to make sure that the native code is in the Java library path. If it's Windows those are DLLs, if it's some Unix variety they are SOs, and so on. Or you could use the Type 4 driver and not worry about using native code.