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I created a JSP page where I created a search form where the user can see some specific records of a student in the same page just below the search button. ...

2. Fetching values from a database    stackoverflow.com

Actualy I am trying to fetch values from a database for autocomplete. This is my previous code which is working fine.

String query = (String)request.getParameter("q");
This is coming from jquery.autocomplete.js
<%@page import="java.util.Iterator"%>  
<%@page ...

3. How to fetch a picture from DB?    coderanch.com

hmmmmm you can use a helper class which may has a method which converts a byte[] into a file and place it into a particular directory, somewhere under /WEB_INF/, then just specify the name, including path, in your jsp. offcourse you will have the name and extension of that particular image with you in the database, right.

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One way you can do is to get all the records and store in session, then display 10 records using pagination. So if the user clicks next, next 10 records will be displayed from the session (it does not need to go back to database). But if you dont want to use sessions, then I am not sure. Experts can throw ...

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Good day everyone Please i needs help.This code was used to fetch information from database. whenever a correct id at BEANS.JSP is entered ,it will fetch every information from that row. But the problem am having is that it will retrieve every information on that row but the Image cannot be retrieve instead it will retrieve image link.Please how do i ...