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1. Security with JSP/JavaBeans/Servlets/MySQL

Background A html page will ask the user to type their username and password. These are credentials for a MySQL database (i.e. they will be used in JDBC connection so that no ...

2. Getting DataSource resource in a Java web app

I have the following resource tag in my context.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Context antiJARLocking="true" path="/myApp">
  <Resource name="jdbc/myDS" auth="Container" 
    type="javax.sql.DataSource" maxActive="100" maxIdle="30" maxWait="1000"
    username="user" password="passwd"

3. JSP pagination from javabean

I am trying to do jsp pagination, I loooked all over but didnt find any example that shows the way I want to do it. In my program I am loading ...

4. Having difficulty pulling data from oracle database to javabean and jsp

I have a javabean name FanBean which has this function below that pulls the data from the oracle database

 public java.util.Vector getList() {


5. Keeping connection to a DB with Servlets JavaBeans

If you are talking about storing database resources on the session to re-use it just for that user, I think this is a very bad idea. Placing database or system resources on the session can choke the system and can lose resources if they don't get cleaned up properly. I'd be looking at connection pooling rather than trying to explicitly maintain ...

6. basic html ->JSP-> javabean-> database questions

Hello, I am somewhat unsure of what syntax and/or methods to use when passing fields from an html form page to a database (such as MSAcess) when using a .jsp file as a controller which calls the needed methods in a javabean. Specifically, my html form has several textfields of information to be filled out by the user, and it has ...

8. Populate JavaBean With Data Fetched From the Database

I have a bean. There are three field variables in the bean; username, userrole, and category. "username" is supplied by me. "userrole" and "category" in the bean gets populated by fetching data from the database. I am positive that data are present in the database. However, I got "blanks" when I later on tried to display the properties (userrole and category) ...

11. Design patterns for JSP/JavaBean/Database


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12. proper way to insert a record to database using javabean -servlet or jsp?

Hello everybody, I need to insert a record into a table. I do the following currently, 1)Get the values of input fields from the form of jsp(say, A) 2)Submit them to another jsp(say, B) 3)In jsp B, i use the jsp:useBean and jsp:setProperty to send the values to a bean. 4)Now I forward from jsp B, to a servlet C. 5)This ...

13. javabeans/ relational db