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I'm working for a customer with a huge legacy codebase consisting of various Java en JSP based applications. Most querying is done using the home-build 'orm' system. Some applications use Plain Old ...

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Anyone know a good lib where i can run the strings before they are inserted, that can strip out sql/javascript code? To be run in jsp pages. Idealy the lib would be:

  • Free
  • Lightweight
  • Easy ...

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Hey guys, my doubt is pretty simple to understand. I have a sql procedure that generates a util file as its output depending on the input parameters that are passed to ...

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http://projectabstracts.com/406/java-based-online-shopping.html This project is about "Online Shopping". It uses Java as front-end implementing applets, servlets and JDBC as the connecting link to the back-end which is implemented using SQL. The ...

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i want to display a table from the database. but displaying only 5rows (from 6 to 10), i have a table name only. it is the dynamic process, so the query doesn't ...

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I have a problem when retrieving data from a SQL using JSP.

ResultSet rs = statement.executeQuery("select orderdate, 

7. Help using flags in my jsp    stackoverflow.com

This might be confusing, so just ask if a better explanation is needed. I am trying to select certain teams for a particular user. Here is my SELECT statement: ...

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Okay, I am trying to do print the results of a SUM and AVG function using JDBC. So basically, it's not working. What am I doing wrong?


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I started out with an html page. Then, I renamed the file with a .jsp extension, as I will be using jsp to accomplish this particular task. Which is: I wish ...

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I have used the following code for downloading the attachment from database but the downloaded file is of 0 bytes. What is the cause and how can I fix it? Here ...

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I use jsp and sql and I want to query a table using a variable that I have already declared (entity) here is my query:

String **entite**="informatique";

rs = st.executeQuery ("select * from ...

12. problem with sql and jsp    stackoverflow.com

I am using jsp, I do know why does not work:



try { 
}catch(ClassNotFoundException ce){out.println(ce);} 

con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://localhost/Test","root", "zakaria");
st = con.createStatement(); 
st.executeQuery("UPDATE Demande SET id_status =2 ...

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I have a table in Microsoft SQL server Management Studio with two columns title and data and each column has 10 enteries. I have a jsp page on which i want to ...

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The following code is a part of my project and the output of this code is that I get all the title of the posts in the database and a delete ...

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I have a jsp page in my project where user fills up the details for creating an account. when a user enters username and clicks on the check button, the button ...

16. java.lang.NumberFormatException: null    stackoverflow.com

Hello i have a problem with insert code i'm getting this error java.lang.NumberFormatException: null i think the problem from the insert query some value is invalid or missing

public static AnimalBean appendAnimal(AnimalBean ...

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Performing SQL directly from a JSP page, which constitutes a 'view', is a pretty severe violation of the MVC architecture. Hence the controversy. I could go into the catechism of why uncoupling the model from the view is a good thing and all, but that's been covered before and by others more eloquent than myself. I'll just say that I'm a ...

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Forgive my noob question. I've used the search tool but haven't found the info I need. I'd like to connect from jsp to SQL and do a simple query. I've come up with this amount of code so far, but it fails left right and center... I'm using MS SQL Server 2000 and Tomcat, jdk is 1.4.1_06 I can't even get ...

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Howdy all, I am writing a jsp application which uses a proprietary JDBC database driver. I am getting errors thrown and am having trouble drilling down to the cause. The error is thrown when I use a prepared statement and the tag ie: SELECT INVNO, EACHES, SPECDISC, RETAIL, BODATE, BOPACKLIST, ORIGPO FROM BORD WHERE CUST = ? ...

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Here is the source of my problems. This code works fine on 3 out of the 4 computers that I have, but when executed on one of them with the same input and the same database, I fail to get a response while the other 3 respond perfectly. The little check before the actual query returns the same/correct values in all ...

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Thanks a lot for the reply. I have a problem though. I have installed Tomcat and have been running an application without any problem. But when I start this simple application it says resource not found. The path of the jsp page is C:\Tomcat 5.0\webapps\jspbook\ch1\ The error message is HTTP Status 404 - /jspbook/ch1/first.jsp -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- type Status report message /jspbook/ch1/first.jsp description ...

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I am getting SQLExeption when I try to execute the code below. Can anyone help me with it? ........ , . - . - , _ , ........ ......... ) ` - . .> ' `( ......... ........ / . . . .`\ . . \ ........ ........ |. . . . . |. . .| ....... ......... \ . . ...

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ok peoples, I have a problem. I'm in the process of creating a online system where people login and stuff. I've got the login page working correctly and the database connection working correctly also. I have given users the option to register if they have not been on before, and this is where I come unstuck. The user enters in their ...

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I am facing some problem writing this SQL coding on adding a stock balance record in JSP: Below is an extract from my coding: Purchase A Stock Item

Purchase A Stock Item


Item IDItem Name Item RefVendor ID Item Cost Item Markup Selling PriceItem QuantityRe- order Quantity

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Hi guys, I've got the following code that calls a stored procedure from a web based servlet application. CallableStatement cst = conn.getReadOnlyConnection().prepareCall({call PCK_PRODUCT.DELETE_PRODUCT_TRANSACTION(?,?,?)}; The above statement calls a PL\SQL stored procedure in the database. The stored procedure takes about 2 hrs to complete. When my servlet calls this procedure, the relevant webpage on the front end is showing that its waiting ...

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I am using this select statement in java servlet and trying to execute it. But I am getting "SQL command not properly ended" error message in the console. But when I can successfully run this select query in the TOAD editor. I would appreciate if someone can help me to resolve this issue. Thanks.. Select statement in servlet: sql = "SELECT ...

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else if (!userPath.isEmpty() && userPath.equals("/listevents")) { String head = (String) request.getParameter("head"); String city = (String) request.getParameter("city"); String month = (String) request.getParameter("month"); String day = (String) request.getParameter("day"); List list = managerFacade.listEvents(head, city, Integer.parseInt(month), Integer.parseInt(day)); ArrayList test = new ArrayList(); Iterator it = list.iterator(); while(it.hasNext()) { test.add(eventFacade.find( it.next())); } request.setAttribute("profile", "listem"); request.setAttribute("events",test); userPath = "/profile"; }

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I want to develop a project using JSP pages i have the following questions:- 1. what database can we use and how to connect the JSP pages to let say Oracle database. 2.And can we write SQL statements (for example select * from items where item number = value) inside the java code in the JSP pages. 3.and a final question ...

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