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This is a query: String query1="select * from Demand_Register where Payment_Date> ='"+fromDate+"' and Payment_Date<='"+toDate+"' " ; if toDate=23/6/2011 and fromDate=25/6/2011 then it retrieves data of dates 24 and 25 only not ...

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hi friends, I have a problem in in getting the first date and the last date of a perticular week. I have the following parameters with me: date,month,year and the week no.(ie whether its 42 week etc.). Can somebody please tell me that how do i find the startdate and the enddate for a perticular week considering that i have the ...

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Hi c in my case IAm inserting date in oracle table.. i have to insert in MonthYYYY format and this is one of my key.. If i insert in this format i get the date as 1st of month and year like this 1 july 2002 and i want only july 2002 and suggestion for inserting in oracle regds

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I'm not trying to do this I was curious. See right now I have a drop-down for a month, 1 for day, and 1 for year (for the last 10 yrs). I heard that instead of using this there was a way of calling a combo type calendar, where clicking it would give a calendar and choosing a date would fill ...

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kadali, JavaRanch is a community of people from all over the world, many of who are not native English speakers. While using abbreviations like "u" instead of spelling out "you" is convenient when text messaging your friends on a cell phone or in a chat room, it presents an extra challenge to those that are already struggling with English. Additionally, such ...

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Hi , Please provide me support and alternative solution to the following mention problem. I would be grateful to you. I have two text boxes on the page named PSDate(means start date) and PFDate(means final date). While saving the form i have to check final date should be greater than the start date. I'm not able to get the value entered ...

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Hey, Couldn't you use Ajax to poll your server at regular intervals - say 1 min - and display a popup or message if one of your dates is upcoming? I'm making the assumption here that you are having your browser constantly sitting on the page waiting for something to occur. Sean

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