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1. Iplanet showing system date + 5:30 hrs

Hi, I use iplanet 4.1 sp8. When I print the date using out.println(new java.util.Date()); it gives the system date added with 5:30 hrs. The output is something like this. Sat Dec 08 23:42:06 GMT+05:30 2001 but the system date using #date in solaris is Sat Dec 8 18:13:58 Asia/Calcutta 2001 This is the case if I use the jre available in ...

2. System.out date/time

Hi guys, Just a quick question. Any of you lot know how I can get the date/time (in some sort or format) on every system.out I put in a system? I could create a Date()/SimpleDateFormat() thingy and then stick that on the start of every System.out, but it seems a little messy. Or is that the only way? Cheers

4. showing system date in servlet