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1. What's the best way to deploy an image servlet to maintain confidentiality of images?

I have a servlet for allowing manipulations of images - zoom, etc. What's the best way to deploy this service so that the users of the servlet keep their images confidential? I assume ...

2. How to create a thread that runs all the time my application is running

EDIT: I'm now sure that the problem is related to the while (true) loop holding all other commands as I've commented it out and the application deploys without ...

3. wamp server :How to deploy jsp application

I am newly started using WAMP server. I am unable to deploy my java application on it. only Html pages run. Please help with directory structure and where to keep jsp, java, ...

4. Is there a way to do an "xcopy deployment" of a JSP?

One of the things that's neat about the IIS / ASP.NET environment is the ability to do an "xcopy deployment" - you can literally just drop a stack of .aspx pages ...

5. How to deploy a JAX-RS application?

The JAX-RS 1.1 specification says on page 6:

If no Application subclass is present the added servlet MUST be named:
What is the added servlet? Could it be an arbitrary ...

6. I want to use a method which is called only once after deploying to Server

I am new to Servlets. I want to use a method which is called only once after deploying to server. I looked at HttpServlet#init(). But I figured out it ...

7. how to call servlet when deploying j2ee project

I am new to j2ee..i am developing web appication project using j2ee.. my question is i have call the servlet when the project is deploying. can any one say how ...

8. JSP duplicate local variable while deploying tomcate

<% User loginUser = (User)session.getAttribute("loginUser");
int userlevel = Integer.parseInt( (request.getAttribute("userlevel")).toString());
String status = (String)request.getAttribute("formstatus");
based on userlevel I have to include different file on the same page for example
 <% if(userlevel > 2){ %>

9. Java utf8 email not working with IE after deploy

i have a mailer class that works fine with IE when i run the application locally, but after deploying it on a server it keeps sending gobbledygook and unreadable characters, i ...

10. Fastest way to deploy a Java servlet?

What is the fastest way to deploy a Java HttpServlet? Is there a solution that allows you to do it very quickly like I could do in Ruby/PHP/Python with minimal configuration? I ...

11. Problem deploying using deploytool

Hi, I am trying to install and run the sample j2ee code provided by SUN on j2ee Server using Deploytool. I have followed all the instructions. The Cloudscape database is running, the server is running. When I do "deploy", the progress bar indicates that the tool is compiling wrapper code, but it does not finish. i have let it run for ...

12. deploying a jsp based product

bill the scenario is I write a code and deploy it on app servers of various companies. Some of them could be using it just for evaluation. I dont want to restrict these people from snooping into my code. The client is not end user but the company to which i am selling the product. I understand that using copyrights and ...

13. JSP and deployment

14. what does deploy jsp mean?

i have finished designing a website with tomcat, my supervisor asked me to deploy it and move it to an application server. what does deploy mean? and how to do it? must modify all directory tree? and cannot i just copy all files to the application server? many thanks if you can help. yours, sincerely

15. Deploying in Blazix

I'm having a problem getting my JSP working on Blazix. I think the problem is with the location of the supporting resources. I've writen an example (writen for Tomcat) word for word that has the following structure: /SERVER_DIR /webfiles welcome.jsp /WEB-INF errorPage.jsp web.xml footer.jspf /classes questions.class The welcome page loads but can't read class files in that location. So far, ...

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19. deploy xplanner in Websphere5.1

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21. Deployment of JSP Page

Gourav and pravin, JavaRanch is a community of people from all over the world, many of who are not native English speakers. While using abbreviations like "u" instead of spelling out "you" is convenient when text messaging your friends on a cell phone or in a chat room, it presents an extra challenge to those that are already struggling with English. ...

22. on deployment

23. script values changing upon deployment

24. Rationale for JSP deployment method

Hi there, I'm learning Servlets and JSP using the Head First book (great book, by the way), and there's something I've been increasingly curious about for a while as I have been reading through. Basically, what is the reason that led the designers of the JSP specification to decide that JSPs should be compiled at deployment time, rather than together with ...

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30. Deploying compiled JSPs

31. deploy servlets in J2EE SDK1.3

32. Orion Server deployment & JSP

33. Deploying Precompiled JSPs on iPlanet

Hi, There could be a lot of reasons, but the following two affect my decision. 1) Licensing issues prevent distributing the javac compiler with software. Thus, jsps cannot be evaluated on the fly. 2) You do not want to give out your code i.e. jsp files. Thus, just give compiled versions. Ashwin. [This message has been edited by Ashwin Desai (edited ...

34. Servlet Deployment?

Please note that strictly the layout of files in a web application is precise and case-sensitive. Classes and resources to be loaded using ClassLoader.getResource() should be located in a directory called WEB-INF/classes. Any other combination (missing the "-", wrong case of names etc.) will result in a web application which is NOT portable to other machines or other servlet containers.

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37. ServletContextListener Deployment

39. servlet deployment

Hi, I am currently asking myself an awfully disturbing question. I thought about it in today's morning plane. I have to concatenate two deployment descriptors (web.xml file) in order to build and to deploy an application coming from two separate development units. (Do not ask why they do not practice team development, I'm still wondering !) The question is: if I ...

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51. Deploying a servlet

Deploying a servlet is actually making the servlet "ready for use" in simple words. To start using the application in IBM Websphere, these are the "basic" steps. 1) Create a ear(Enterprise Application Archive) or war(Web Application Archive) file. let us assume you have created a war file. 2) copy the war file to the \WebSphere\AppServer\installableApps folder. 3) If you have created ...

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55. deploying servlet in jrun webserver

I have Jrun4 and im using jruns web server .I have my servlet "RajWorld",in C:\JRun4\servers\default\default-ear\default-war\WEB-INF\classes\moreservlet\RajWorld.After starting the default server when i try to access my servlet which is in the package moreservlets by http:\\localhost:8100\moreservlet.Rajworld,I get error message http 500 internal server web.xml which is in C:\JRun4\servers\default\default-ear\default-war\WEB-INF is ...

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58. Deploying Servlets on Linux

hi all, I wanted help in deploying JSP pages also. I posted this question in JSP's thread,but got a reply that it was a "Cross-Post" and my post was closed.So I had to include everything here... I am trying to deploy my JSP pages on my server,my simple jsp page has only <% int i=4; %> Hello! The count is now ...

59. Errror in deploying servlet: wrong name: TestServlet

Thanks a lot for the help... The problem turned out to be something else altogether - I was using eclipse for development/compiling. There seems to be a strange error in it. Unless I save a file and then re-compile, it is not detecting the changes, even though "Build Automatically" option was set. When I started to this, the problem got resolved. ...

60. Can i use servlets to deploy a JNI application

Look up MVC Model, View, Controller. The whole point of this architecture is to isolate your core functionality (the model) from the web aspects of your app. If done correctly, your web app should not know or care that you're using JNI to accomplish something. It only know that it calls bean x, y, or z to perform a given task. ...

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63. Servlet Deployment

64. servlet deployment

hi i am new to servlet. i am learning myself using headfirst jsp and servet. i have read the first chapter in that book. and i tried the example given in that first chapter. i followed the steps like in that book . while running the servlet i am getting error like HTTP Status 404 - /Ch1/Serv1 type Status report message ...

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66. How to deploy servlet

67. deploying servlet

Hi all i just started reading the "Head First Servlets and JSP" book and when i want to deploy the first servlet in tomcat i got a 404 resource not found error.I am using ubuntu linux where i have installed netbeans 6.1(as user) with the integrated tomcat 6.0.16 and there i just put a directory ch1 in the tomcat's webapps folder ...

68. Problem in deploying Servlet

Hello Friends, I have donwloaded and installed Apache Tomcat 6.0.14. Everything is successfully installed and I can access the page http://localhost:8080 and see the tomcat welcome page. I give the username and password and access the Manager page. But when I click on the /host-manager it gives me the following error. HTTP Status 404 - /host-manager/ type Status report message /host-manager/ ...

69. Deploy a Simple JSP Page

70. Exception while deploying an application

Hi, Im using the JBoss 5.0.0 CR2 application server. I want to use Sybase SQLAnywhere 10 as the Database. I have done the following configuration in persistence.xml and sample-ds.xml: 1. persistence.xml: -------------------" version="1.0"> java:/SybaseDS 2. sample-ds.xml: ----------------- SybaseDS jdbc:sybase:Tds:localhost:2638?ServiceName=sesl com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybDriver abcd abcd ...

71. EntityBean Deployment

72. J2EE 1.4 Deployment question

Hello, Please could you help me with the right answer to the following question? What is the importance of the fact that J2EE 1.4 mandates that application servers support the extension mechanism as defined for JAR files? Choice 1 It allows developers to provide custom classloaders for their libraries. Choice 2 It bypasses classloader inheritance rules when resolving classes. Choice 3 ...

73. NoModuleFileException when deploying the application in RAD 7.0

Hi All, My application compiles well and if i add the projects through add/remove projects and if i start the server i always getting the following error when i add the project in add/remove projects - start the server - Below error. This is in the test environment, not the production environment. I am using RAD 7.0.0 [2/17/09 11:30:45:140 IST] 0000001d ...

74. Deploying servlet

Hi there, While learning about servlets, I have been deploying and testing my web apps locally using tomcat. I wanted to see how to put one of my apps (which works fine on my computer) on the web just for a test, so I got some web space with godaddy and have been trying to put it on. No joy. At ...

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78. Enterprise Service Bus Service Mix version 3.2.1 deployment problem

Hi all, I created a Service assembly to poll a file in a particular directory and send it to some other directory The content of xbean.xml file is as follows When I am adding this service assembly in the hotdeploy ...

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82. A jsp deployment problem

85. command deploy failed: Deploying application in domain failed when running batch script

Hi I have been using the GlassFish Console as well as the batch script using ant to build the EJB.jars on the server. The war files that I don't need will run on this with no problem. I have registered about a dozen so far. But the others will not deploy. I have this error occurring approximately 9 times on 9 ...

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91. Servlet Deployment

93. How's my servlet deployment routine?

In the interest of good practise, does this sound ok to people? I'm only 3 days into learning JSP/Servlets so forgive my innocance. Firstly I have Tomcat set to run my apps with reloadable=true while I develop. I'm using subversion is a mechanism for deployment of code which I'm thinking is either a good thing, or a smell in some way ...

94. Deploying servlets

95. servlet deployment

96. Servlet deployment

Hello Prashnat, How you are deploying your project. Are you using any IDE to deploy it? First of all you need to see that project is there or not. For that go to the tomcat manager and see your application "addidition" is there and running or not. I would like to know the process, How you are deploying the project and ...

97. deploy a servlet in iplanet