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1. Problem Deploying Servlet with Applet

I've followed the step outlined in but when I try to bring up my applet in the browser, it comes up with an error in the Java Console stating that ...

2. Glassfish deploy of servlet doesn't work in 7.0.1

I just downloaded the 7.0.1 release from the web, installed with glassfish and apache, and then created a Web Application project which had a default index.jsp with Hello World. When I ran that project the browser opened and I saw the "Hello World!" page. I then right clicked on the project, selected "Add Servlet", and specified "TestServlet for the servlet name ...

3. Deploy JSP & Servlets in GlassfishV3

5. How to deploy a JSP portlet in Liferay Portal using Netbeans IDE 6.7?

Hello, I am new to portlet development and liferay portal. I wonder how can I deploy a portlet to be able to be fully functional in Liferay portal. I have tried creating simple portlets ready for deployment and I have read lot of articles regarding Portlet deployment but I'm still confused with the deployment. Any help is very much appreciated.